Unforgettable Tour – I Love You

I Love You

Next day we went to see Rothang Pass. It’s a snow mountain nearby. It’s a famous tourist place and I felt very exciting. On the way the bus stopped before a shop which has woolen coats, boots and all other winter stuff. The guide asked us to wear all the stuff as it will be very cold there.

On the way we saw some hundreds of military trucks and vans going past us. I wondered where this hundreds of trucks were going. The beautiful view of the valleys, the ghats, and the approaching snow mountains all along the way makes your journey the best one in your life.

We reached Rothang Pass by around 12:00 noon. But the weather there will not let you know the time. It’s severely cold there. The temperature must be below 0 Degrees. There is snow everywhere. I saw snow and snow mountains many times in movies but never in real life. The experience was really marvelous.

“A hot chocolate shake would be great in this cold weather” I thought.
“Come on let’s go and have some coffee” She said as if she has read my mind.

There are some hotels there to serve the tourists. We went inside a hotel. She ordered two hot coffees. Drinking hot coffee in such a cold weather… God I am feeling great.

We made snow balls, had a small experience of skating. I thought how nice it would be if the time stops and we remain with each other with nothing in the world to worry about. Suddenly it began to snow. The small droplets of snow falling from the sky and making everything in the world white makes you feel that you are in heaven.

Suddenly I remembered that I promised her a gift. Boy!! What an occasion… You are on the top of the world with white snow everywhere. You will not get a better occasion than this. But there were no shops nearby to buy anything except for a flower shop.

I went to the flower shop. There are roses everywhere. The roses are so beautiful that I got lost in them. I bought a bunch of red roses.

She was busy trying to make a snowman.

“What are you doing…?” I asked.
“Just trying to make a snowman”
“Just close your eyes… I bought a present for you” I said hiding the roses behind me
“Wow… That’s nice” She closed her eyes.
“Try to guess…”
“Let me try…” She thought for a while. “Actually.. I never expected a present from you… Anyway what’s it?”
I slowly took the roses and placed them in her hand.
“Wow.. Beautiful roses” She looked at me for a while
“What happened?” I asked.
“Do you know what Red Roses mean..?”
“I don’t know… Just thought they are beautiful…Why.. What happened?”
“You Dumb…” She said.
“What happened..?”
“Leave it…”
I didn’t know what’s wrong with her.

Next day morning she bought me a gift. It’s again a beautiful key chain. It’s made of glass in the shape of a Heart symbol, inside that Glass there is a small picture of a Girl and a boy dancing.

“Wow this is so beautiful” I said “Where do you find all these key chains?”
“I collect key chains… That’s my hobby”
“Really interesting … I never heard of anyone who is having a hobby of collecting key chains”
“Keep this one safe with you. This is one of my favorite key chains”
“Oh Sure” I said.
She took my hand in her hand and said “Promise me”
“Yup… I promise you. I will keep it safe with me”

I saw something in her eyes. I can’t say what I saw but something deep in my heart responded to her feeling. I don’t know what this magic is. Am I becoming emotional? Am I reacting too much? What is this called? I never in my life had such a feeling.

On the next day we went to a place where there are natural hot water springs. I was surprised by the hot water directly coming from inside the earth. People there use these hot water springs for cooking. I never heard of such a thing before. The advantage of such tours is that you will get to know more and more things.

Coming to world cup India has not won a single match until now. Sachin being ruled out of the world cup it became tougher for India. On the other end New Zealand has won in the encounter with Australia.

Now it was time for us to move from Manali to Chandigarh. We have another three days of tour left. I felt very sad that it’s coming to an end. I felt sad that the time to leave Kavya is coming soon. Now something inside me was telling not to leave her. But Life is what happens to you when you are making other plans.


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