Unforgettable Tour – Hyderabad meets Chennai…

Hyderabad meets Chennai…

The bus reached Delhi. Our flight to Hyderabad is next day early in the morning. Kavya left to Chennai immediately. I did not meet her again after reaching Delhi. I went to my room. I was unable to sleep all that night. I was thinking of her. I was thinking of our meeting, the tour and how all it happened. Now I am returning to Hyderabad with a great gift which I never expected before the start of the tour. I don’t know whether I am happy or not… But I was never the same after that trip. The next day we returned back to Hyderabad.

Days Passed by. India failed to make it to the Semi Finals in the world cup. India lost to Australia and New Zealand in the Super Six. The only thing that went good was winning over Pakistan. Australia won the world cup in a dramatic way. Hats off to Steve Waugh!!!

Weeks passed by. The Kargil war started. We saw some hundreds of army trucks and vans passing us on the way to Rothang Pass. We wondered where they were going. It made sense now. They were all heading to the Kargil war.

Months passed by. Kavya used to call me once or twice a month but most of the time we used to chat online. My internet bill has gone up. Most of my pocket money went on the net. Now I spend less time with my friends and most of the time on the net. I never told my story to my friends for the fear of becoming a laughing stock for others!

Years passed by. I went to Chennai five times until now. The Marina Beach which is stretched over 13 Kms – the second longest beach of Asia, the Kapaleeswarar Temple – one of the oldest temples of Chennai, Guindy National Park, The Elliot Beach, Anna Zoological Park, and Santhome Cathedral always used to be our places for outing in Chennai.

I was trying to learn Tamil but it’s not such an easy language to learn. She introduced me to her friends Meena, Sravani, Saritha. She showed me her collection of key chains. Boy!!! She has got some thousands of key chains. She also showed me a Rajnikanth movie ‘Padayappa’. She was a great fan of Rajnikanth.

Last time when I went to Chennai she showed me her two-wheeler that she bought recently. She asked me to ride on it.

“How is it?” She asked.
“It’s nice. I know you. You have got an excellent taste…”
“Hey… Thanks. Come…. Have a test ride…”
“I am sorry… I don’t know how to ride a two wheeler…”
“What… You don’t know how to ride a two wheeler” She was laughing at me. God!!! She looks really beautiful when she smiles or laughs.
“Actually… I tried once but could not make it… But you know I know how to ride a four wheeler…” I said taking pride in my voice.
“This is surprising… Anyway today I will teach you how to ride a two wheeler…”

My two wheeler lessons have started. I tried to balance the scooter but failed. It took 3 hours for me to learn how to balance it. Later I tried to drive it for a short distance but failed and had a minor fracture to my middle finger.

“I am sorry” She said while I was going back to Hyderabad.
“You came here from Hyderabad. But because of me you got your finger fractured. I am stupid girl”
“But I love this stupid girl” I said.
“Shut up and take care… I will call you next week and don’t try any experiments on two wheelers. I was just kidding”

But I decided to learn a two wheeler for her.

She came to Hyderabad once. Hyderabad – The City of Sultans welcomed her with all its beauty. The vast roads, the fly overs, the Charminar, the Necklace Road, the Tank Bund, The Birla Mandir, The Golconda Fort, The Salarjung Museum. Hyderabad stands high with its 400 years of history and pride.

I took revenge on her by showing her a Telugu movie starring Chiranjeevi. And she promised me that she will never show me a Tamil movie. The Hyderabadi Biryani became one of her favorite dish apart from her regular Idli-Wada-Sambar.

I came into my final year. I was preparing for GRE as most of the final years do. I was also thinking of doing my project in Chennai.

It was all going well until…


4 thoughts on “Unforgettable Tour – Hyderabad meets Chennai…

  1. can u just tel me who’s love stry is dis?i guess u were in ur schoolin in 99?n more over i guess ur a tamilian n i guess dat u know tamil ob??? N u did ur bcom or watever in chennai ????

  2. n im jus in trance dat wat’s dis btech stuff ???i think u did ur bcom in chennai ???n yeah were do u find roses on a top of d hill n that to on a hill like roohtang pass???

  3. There are very few cities in India that can boost of a rich legacy and unique and exciting diversity as that of Hyderabad. Be it the fascinating and captivating forts and ancient monuments, the inimitable existence of the age old culture of the Nawabs, the delicious and mouth watering Hyderabadi cuisine, or the new born hard core business aspect, every facet of this city is a persona in itself. Emerging like a phoenix as the next big thing in the Indian business circle, the hotels in Hyderabad have also upgraded to compete with any international hotel on a given day. Most of the premium Hyderabad hotels have all the standard business features although there are exclusive Business hotels in Hyderabad nowadays and the number is ever increasing. Recently the Andhra Pradesh government gave the 24-hour liquor license to the four star, five star and the five-star deluxe hotels in Hyderabad. This step has brought the Hyderabad hotels nearer to the standards of the international hotels.

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