Unforgettable Tour – The Last Call…

The Last Call…

It’s been two months since I received any mail or call from Kavya. I tried to call her but the number she gave was no longer valid. I was desperately waiting for a mail or at least a letter or a call from her. I never waited for anything in my life so desperately… Not even for my exam results.

One day after few weeks she called me.

“Hi… It’s me”
“What happened to you? Where did you go? Are you alright? Is everything fine? Why did not you call me? Where were you all these days? What happened to the number you gave me?” I was asking all the questions which were disturbing my mind all these days.
“Wait… Wait… I am fine”
“What fine… I was really worried about you and you did not even bother to call me or reply to my mail”
“I am sorry… I am really sorry”
“What were you doing all these days?” I was not satisfied with her answer.
“I was just busy preparing for competitive exams. Anyway I am sorry and I promise you that this won’t repeat again”
“This is the first and last time” I said.
“I agree sir… By the way how is your GRE preparation going on?”
“Fine… Mugging all the words from Barron’s”
“Barron’s… what is that?”
“Barron’s is a book which contains word lists. It’s for those who are preparing for GRE and we need to mug all those words to get a good score”
“It sounds interesting”
“It may sound interesting but it’s a big head ache”

After that I told what I did all these two months, I told her the bet I had won a bet which I placed on Sachin’s Century. I told her that I was trying to learn Tamil and will talk to her in Tamil very soon. I also told her that I was trying to learn a two wheeler. She got worried and asked me no to try anything stupid.

“Now I will leave” She said after an hour.
“OK. But you did not tell me what happened to you number. I was trying but there was no response”
“Actually the phone got disconnected. I will give you a new number once we get a new one”


At that moment I never thought that it would be the last call from Kavya and I would never be able to talk her. My GRE preparation was going well. Also another achievement was that I learnt how to ride a cycle. Now I can balance a two wheeler on my own. I will be learning how to ride a bike soon and would be showing it to Kavya. “She will feel happy” I thought. But I was not able to see the coming tragedy.

After a few weeks Meena, Kavya’s friend called me.

“Hi… It’s Meena here”
“Hi… How are you? What’s the matter?”
“I just called you to inform you that Kavya…”
“What happened to her? Is she alright?” I interrupted. I did not understand why Meena called me instead of Kavya. I sensed trouble.
“Can you come to Chennai?”
“Why? What happened?”
“You don’t know what happened? We thought that she told you everything last time when she called you…”
“No… She did not say anything. She said that she was preparing for some competitive exams… That’s it. Tell me what happened”
“Please… I can’t say it in the phone. You will know all the details once you come to Chennai”
“Please tell me that Kavya is fine”
She did not answer.
“What happened? … Ask her to call me. You are hiding something from me… Please tell me” I shouted.
She told me what happened. I was shocked. I did not believe what she said. Now I understood why she did not call me or reply to my mail for two months.

“I am coming to Chennai… I want to see her”


“Nothing doing… I am starting tonight. I will be in Chennai by tomorrow morning”

I could not believe it. I could not take it. It was a big blow for me. I started for Chennai that night. I did not know how to face it. How happy I was till yesterday! All the happiness and all the dreams were shattered with one phone call. How am I going to face it? What am I going to do? Thoughts surrounded me from all directions.

But I don’t have answer to any of them…


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