Chennaiyil Ore Mazhaikaalam – P 02

Many stories claim that it’s not a love story but eventually turns into one at later point of time in the characters lives… but this is a lot different one… This is an out and out full fledged love story and my craziness for the girl whom I love the most…
This is the story of me… myself… and my girl…

Let me give you a brief introduction what this craziness is all about…

I belong to a joint family with my cousins, uncles, aunts, grandparents and above all kids… 🙂

We reside at a place called Tambaram in Chennai. Tambaram is a bustling junction which took a strategic position in the last thirty years because of the connectivity it has with the rest of places down south of Tamil Nadu state as well as the final municipal region of Chennai Municipality. Even I was initially skeptical that what’s there in Tambaram? But I was wrong with my perceptions… Tambaram is a huge place with lots of places to go around and lots of branded merchandise stores. It can be in short called the Gateway to Chennai for the people down south.

Now getting back to my life in Chennai, let’s go back six years from now…

May 10th, 2002: My ‘plus two’ exam results were finally out. Though there was a sense of panic and tension, I was pretending to be cool. I got 72% and that was so typical of me… I was not great at academics and so that always showed in my results. My mom as usual started off with her anger and heated speech. My dad was cool as ever… Never to care what Raam is doing… because he was already sure that I will not do that well if I take Maths, Physics & Chemistry as my majors… J Such was the confidence of my dad on me… Though it was irritating in the beginning, I felt he guesses about me very correctly. Then there is my aunt and uncle… They were always good at education so always used to tell me a lot of things about their lives and the struggles they have gone through in their lives. They were often a great sense of inspiration to me and then there were my cousins in US of A. They were the best buddies I had when it comes to discussion of any topic and when it comes to pulling my leg, they were the best! Then there is my younger brother Naresh… As always he was good at academics as well as other activities. He was so good in managing his tasks, my dad and mom used to ask me to dram some inspiration from him J

Nevertheless, my results came and then there started a debate of what I should be doing…Engineering or Bachelors?

This discussion was on for 1 whole week before my uncle wrapping up the topic the with his so called brilliant idea…

“Since Raam is not interested in doing engineering, I have a brilliant idea… I spoke to Mr. Raja and he has suggested me to get him into a three year course as well as a GNIIT course at NIIT. This would not only give him ample view of what he wants but will also secure a future for him as the GNIIT course gives a compulsory placement after three years of education.”

When so many brains were revolving around to get my life into a safe and secured path, I was thinking about college, friends, parties, outing and above all the one for which every guy dies for… G I R L S… 🙂

Though I didn’t have an option, I finally said, “okay! If this is what you guys want me to do, then I will try”… The moment I said this, again everyone started,

“I told you… Not to ask him…” said one…

“Look at his attitude…” said the second one…

“That’s because we get him anything we want…” said another one…

“Not only that, it’s because of his grand mom who spoils him pampering…”

“Poor female, where did she come from into the picture!” I thought to myself…

Now with so many comments coming over again and again, I decided that its time I shut my mouth and listen to my people. After all everyone is doing their best to get me a safe and a secure life. So I decided to remain calm and accept what they were suggesting.

“Okay mama. I am ready for whatever you suggest. I am sorry for what I said”

Then started the preparations to get me into a college, I filled a zillion application forms.

Then finally the D Day arrived…

“Loyola College and the NIIT institute are close by to each other… This could save his time” said my mama.

Since he said it is close by, I thought to myself that I am in a better position but I was wrong… And do you know how close it was?

2Kms!!! 😦

2 thoughts on “Chennaiyil Ore Mazhaikaalam – P 02

  1. hey machan…….super po……un kadhaya…..;)ultimate….looking forward for the upcoming parts… them as soon as possible…..waiting for them….:)

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