Chennaiyil Ore Mazhaikaalam – P 03

Loyola College – 4th June, 2002: The first 2 days were orientation classes. In the beginning, I didn’t even have any knowledge of what Loyola College is all about other than hearing every now and then that it’s a very good college with great faculty & a wonderful alumini. There was also a common belief that if you are a product of Loyola College, then you will surely be of some use to your community and your country… So felt bit proud about my new temple of education.

After the first day of orientation I asked a student sitting next to me a common question… “Since yesterday, I had been seeing that there are no girls in the orientation. Is it like they have a separate session after ours?”… He gave me a shocking look as if I committed some crime by asking him this question and then he said…

“Don’t you know that Loyola is a boy’s college?”

“What?” His words stuck as lighting to my brain!

I was unable to bear the tragedy and the crime my mama has created! How could he just throw me away in a college with no girls! I can’t even ask my family members that why they have put me in a boy’s college… I knew that if I ask them they will kill me…

So I went to my elder cousin and asked him why they didn’t tell me that it’s a boy’s college… For which he said,

“The college cut off itself is 89% this year. We had to get a recommendation letter for your great score so as to get a seat in that college… Unna padika vekkarthe periya vishayam, idhule unaku choice veraya… po da… veetla yaara vadhu keeta unaku sangu than di…J (Paying fees and getting you educated itself is a big thing, In this situation, if you ask them choices, they will kill you… better get on with your life and do well in your studies! J)”

So instead of revolting, I obliged and the first week sent some of the best remembered shockers to my spine…

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