Chennaiyil Ore Mazhaikaalam – P 04

Days went on with the seniors ragging me for everything… I went to the college canteen only to understand that it’s the seniors den where juniors should go only on invitation. I went along with my friend James only to realize that English is allowed only inside the class rooms & library but not inside the canteen. Life was miserable with my friend James as he used to talk only in English even though he knew that we will be screwed mercilessly by our seniors in the canteen area.

Once I was asked to do a silly thing which I could never think of doing it again. They took me to Qwick’s Coffee Pub and I just thought that they would again ask me to pay their bill and so I was bit relaxed but to my horror, they asked me to do something else…

Firstly they asked me to wear a T Shirt and go around the place and ask five girls to sign in it… If unable to get five signatures then I had to try on the near by traffic signals! This looked fine to me… I just thought to myself that if I can go and tell the girls that my seniors are ragging me and so I had to get them the signatures, they would oblige and understand my plight 

But Kevin had different plans… He pulled out a T Shirt and it had the following info in it…

Picture: A pussy cat which was completely drenched in water and water dripping out of it and
Caption: “I love wet pussy!”

Now they wanted me to get a signature next to the pussy cat picture! What the fishhhhhhhhhh!
I was nervous and I revolted but if I loose, I had to end up taking them to Le Royal Meridian for their drinks party as I remembered my canteen bill for the last week which stood at Rs. 2959/- Since I had no other go… I had to accept this…

There were three girls sitting in the coffee pub and I though to myself, why not start from them… So I proceeded.

“Hi girls!”

I don’t know what went into their minds; two girls stood up and went away and the other girl who was sitting next to them turned and gave me a smile.

“Hi” She said.

“I am here to ask you a favor.”

“What’s that?”

That girl looked like a stick around which 3 meters of dress was spun around… and above all she was stung with a horrible dressing sense (According to her, the coolest gal on earth!). Now this is not the time to analyze, let’s ask her straight away,

“My seniors there are ragging me. They wanted you to sign on my T Shirt next to the Ca…ca… cat!”

She gave a naughty smile and said, “I will do it but you have to get all the three of us kaapi nirvana…” and suddenly the other two girls also joined her…

I just thought to myself, “…indha sappa figurunge ku yellam vandhe neram paaru… Dikotion color irundhute, kaapi Nirvana kekudhu paar!” (What horrible situation is this where a girl who looks in the decotion color is asking for Kaapi Nirvana)…

“Sure, I will get it for you”

So I got the decoction girls their kaapi nirvanas and got the signature only from two as the third one said they coffee was not good and so she is not going to sign… The cost of two signatures was 300 bucks!

Then I went around the shops and asked various sales girls to do the honors… Some did verbally and some almost did physically but managed to get two more of them.

I went around the traffic signal area and approached every single girl but with no success but still the canteen bill was lingering in my mind… The traffic signal changed to green color… So did my eyes change to red color…? I was chafing them vigorously and then came a black active racing past towards me and suddenly pulled the break.

“Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy… Arivu ketta mundam! (Brainless idiot)”

“Sorry… Sorry! Couldn’t see you as well as the signal while crossing the road, as my eyes were burning with these emissions from these vehicles…”

In the meantime, the signal turned to red color.

“Look what you have done! Now I am going to be late…”

“Sorry but can you…” I thought once again before asking her as she is already hyper tensed… but thought to myself why not ask her? Anyhow she looks to be a married female with a chain around her neck and bangles on her hand… but she was wearing a helmet with a black cloth tied to her face with only eyes visible and I was unable to see her face!

“My friends are ragging me and they want 5 girls to sign on my T Shirt… I had already got four… Waiting for another one… Please don’t take it to heart, Can you please sign this!” I asked.

“Hmm… Ragging a… Which college?”

Suddenly I thought to myself… Is she a lecturer in my college? Why is she asking my college name?

“Lo… Loy… Loyola… ”

“Oh! Okay… ok! So you belong to Loyola va…” By that time, the signal turned green and she just said,

“Come to the next signal, I will sign your shirt… Bye…” and zoomed past me…

What the fish! Anyhow, I just returned back failed and was disappointed that I was unable to get one more signature! And that night my seniors feasted on me!

My NIIT classes were due to start in two weeks and I was already bored with the outlook of my college life… The life in here is not the way it is showed in movies… I understood from the first 3 weeks of my college life as tiresome, boring train journeys, sadistic seniors, irritating professors and crazy friends. And above all I lost 8 kilograms of weight from the time of my last day at school!

And then…

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