Chennaiyil Ore Mazhaikaalam – P 06

NIIT, Nungambakam: I walked into the NIIT building with my shirt drenched in sweat. I felt like I was put on a planet very close to Sun and work! My irritation grew every moment I crossed the stairs of NIIT. Finally I reached the first floor and opened the door…

A cool breeze just blew on me with a tender lavender smell… I just felt divine… Suddenly there was a breath of fresh air… the places which were burning with sweat suddenly turned into cooling spots… Man! I finally felt much better!

“Hi… Can I help you?”

“Yeah… I am new a student, I just want to get my ID and pass details from the center head.”

“Sure. Please come with me”

I found a stout female who should have been in early 30s and she was looking cool… Next to her was a girl who was looking absolutely dusky…

“Hi…Please take your seat… I will be reaching you in a moment.”

Suddenly I started to give sneek peeks towards that girl … Man its been a long time since I saw girls so close by and here is a girl who is so absolutely by all means hot & beautiful and sitting close to me… offffffffff I was getting blown away!!! I just held my nerve and in simple words in tamil, naan ore kannale sight adhichitu irundhen…  (I was checking out the girl!)

Suddenly the girl stood up, shook her hands with the center head and went away… and I was still looking at her…

“Ganesh… Ganesh… Ganesh Raam… GANESH RAAM!!!”

“Hmm… Yeah…” I was in some other world with her…

She smiled and said, “Welcome to NIIT. I will explain you the fee structure and all the necessary things that you need to understand…”

“Yeah sure…”

Once when explained all the formalities, I asked me to wait in the classroom 1A…

I just held on to all the documents of mine and started looking for the 1A room and finally found it at the corner of one side… I entered the room and to my surprise…


I first checked the room number once again and it did read as 1A, then I checked if there is anyone else and once no one was there, I cleared my throat and said, “hruhhh… Hi…”

“So isn’t there anyone else?”

“Yeah… Even I am waiting for everyone to be in…”

Straight away, I started, “I just saw you down there talking to the center head… So which college are you studying in?”

“Oh yeah… I just had a discussion with her… I am currently doing my MCA in Madras University…correspondence”

“Oh… I am studying in Loyola College… ”

“Loyola va… Okay! ”

I still don’t know why that exclamational blush in everyone’s face when I tell my college name but I continued, “By the by didn’t introduce myself, my name is Ganesh and yours?”


“Cool… good name but tell me why aren’t you doing a full time course?”

By that time, a group slowly started entering the room and suddenly it was full with the maximum strength of 25 and to my surprise, it was exactly 12 boys and 13 girls!

Then Priyanka stood up and said,

“Hello… everyone! I am Priyanka…I am doing my MCA in Madras University…I am…”

Suddenly, I felt myself too proactive and started, “Hi guys, I am Ganesh from Loyola college. Nice meeting you all…” but no one spoke or opened their mouths…

I looked at Priyanka and she smiled, “That’s good Ganesh, So can I continue…”

“Yeah… Yeah! Please!” I blushed as if I had known her for years and I knew what she was going to talk…

“I am your faculty for this semester & the next 4 months where I would be teaching Flowcharts, UNIX Commands, OOPS Concepts & C…”

And I hardly opened my mouth for the next 15 minutes until she was done with introduction…


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