Chennaiyil Ore Mazhaikaalam – P 07

So the first day at NIIT turned out to be a disastrous one with me openly trying to flirt with a girl whom I never thought in my wildest dreams to be my tutor… But life has to go and I indeed meet some characters who went on to become one of the best batches or gangs that NIIT ever had!

As came out of my class, I met three guys namely Srinath, Shankar & Srivathsan… and to my surprise all were from my college but belonging to different departments… Srinath’s majors were Physics & Chemistry and Shankar’s & Srivathasan’s Physics & Mathematics… Srinath was nothing more than a small creature that stood exactly 5 foot tall and had a heart that could conquer anyone and every one… Later I found out that he stays in a very close proximity to my home… So this became an yet another reason for us to meet pretty often… And thank god to his Telugu… His mother tongue was Telugu and the most horrifying thing about him was also trying to talk in Telugu which if any Telugu speaking guy heard his slang is bound to kill himself… Such were his skills and above all, like me he too was mad about girls… but the best part of it was he kept trying even after repeated failures and I never did after one small failure…

And coming to the other two guys Shankar & Srivathsan… they looked absolutely studious and Shankar’s knowledge level on Computers was way above my head to understand…

I reached home that day at 7 PM in the evening and went on to meet another friend J…
J and I were close friends right from our childhood days… Our close friendship can often be attributed to our fathers who were also very close friends for more than 15 years even before we were born…

“J… looks like even I had screwed up my NIIT also!”

“Why da?”

I narrated him the whole session only to see him laughing out loud… but suddenly I stopped over myself and thought again…

“Who was that girl da?”

“Who da?”

“Pink sleeveless top… long open hair… a butterfly tattoo on her arm… a bracelet on her right hand… Oh no! I missed that girl da… I hardly remember anything”

“Yenna dressu??? Yenna hairu??? Yendha ponnu??? (What dress? What do you mean by her hair…? Which girl???) Idiot, explain me correctly da!”

“Nothing machan! I was so involved in the screw up that I didn’t look at any of my batch mates and didn’t even listen to the introductions of others… And now I remember that there was girl of whom I just had glimpses but hardly had a look at her face since she was sitting in the first bench and me as usual at the last…”

“Machi… let me tell you… perform well in the first exam at NIIT and girls will obviously start coming to you and will talk to you… This is your best chance… So give up all these girls shit and get on with your life… ”

J was always like this… but to make him happy, I said… “Sure machan… I will surely do well in my exams…”

I spoke to him about other junk stuff for close to an hr and finally left home thinking about that girl…


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