Vada Naatu Kaadhal Kadhai – Part 1

I just got selected to a company that every fresher dreams and I had a feeling that I am an yet another damn guy who selected to this awesome company… 6000 people took the written exam from South India… 500 got selected to the interview and 124 made it to the final list…And I was one of them… it was perhaps one of the greatest achievements of my life was the thought that was clouded in my mind for a long long long time…

Days went by… Trainings were conducted in a new city and an awesome campus… 1st posting to Pune… There were 11 more people who were posted along with me to this place and trust me, the first feeling that I had of Pune was indeed a pathetic one… I got out of the station with all the stylish luggage bags that I had and to my betrayal, it was pouring badly… horrible rains and on top of it, the station was one of the most pathetic stations I had ever got down on…

I walked past the taxi stand and found a taxi which could take me to the hotel where I was given accommodation for a week by the company… The cabbie sensing that I am new to this place, he straight away asked me 200 rupees for the hotel drop… I said to myself “damn you” and got into the taxi…

To add to the frustration the roads were blocked… reason… it was the 10 day long Lord Ganesh festival… And to let people back home about my arrival, I called my mom and dad in Chennai to confirm of my arrival and the moment, I spoke to them in Tamil, I don’t know what went through the cabbie’s mind… He spoke about the city’s commutation problems and he is driving me to the hotel in spite of today’s local taxi strike… So he asked me to spare 200 bucks more… But thanks to my mom, who taught me Hindi before hand, I had a chance to argue with him and show my Indian bargaining skills… But even that didn’t work with him… He said he knows very little Hindi and speaks only Marathi… Bullshit… he was lot cleverer than I thought…

And then after spending a grueling 40 min drive, I finally reached my destination… the best part was that my office campus was just opposite to the hotel where I was accommodated…

The following day I met my new manager as well as the team with which I was to work with… It was neat, cool and relaxed atmosphere to the one which I experienced the previous day… No matter how horrible the city’s roads, commutation and other over priced things were, one thing that just caught my eye was the girls… Pune is one of the most famous cities in India for the cosmopolitan people and a young crowd… Sometimes, I even have a feeling that the average age of this city should be somewhere 30 – 40 years… Good looking girls from all over country come to work in Pune (though next only to Bangalore) because of its close proximity to the financial powerhouse of India… Mumbai!

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