Vada Naatu Kaadhal Kadhai – Part 2

Days passed by and my life was moving on without any friends and foes…The lunch breaks were followed by continuous chatters on World politics, economy, sports and movies. One weird thing that I noticed around is the way people differ from the talks in college and in office… In college it was the same talk but narrowed down to Indian Politics, Indian economy, Cricket and unbelievably boring movies from Tamil, Telugu & Hindi… And back now in the office it was political crisis in Afghanistan, Europe‘s economic policies, English Premier League and non stop chatter on English movies along with the occasional desi ones… And the most “wanna be” feature was that people trying to talk about Friends and Lost series which is telecasted bits and pieces in India without complete season based flow as in the western world…

After a month of boring time off and no project starters, I met a friend called Shruthi Sen. She was from Calcutta and she was a newbie in the project (like me)… She was planning for a weekend movie with her friends and I was invited to join… Though I knew that I didn’t have anyone else to go with, I said that I would check around my weekend status in a couple of hrs and then reply… After a couple of hrs, I replied back a YES… Prompt came the reply… E Square, 2.30 PM

I didn’t even care what the name of the movie was… So finally I arrived at the multiplex… I saw a dejected Shruthi and her friends told me that they are planning to get the tickets from a nearby theatre as this multiplex was running packed… It hardly mattered to me as all I wanted was to get out of my room and go around Pune…

We reached a theatre called Mangala… Man the look of it gave me a feel of the Parangimalai Jyothi theatre in Chennai and few other theatres in RTC X Roads, Hyderabad… ultimate tapori look… No words to explain… And finally the movie we were to watch was “Constantine“…Keanu Reeves was the actor… And Shruthi was head over heals in love with this guy…

So we got the tickets and sat inside… It was an English movie dubbed in Marathi… But the whistling was deafening and was nothing less than to what I am used to in Chennai & Hyderabad theatres… But something awesome happened… The very first scene Keanu Reeves appears on the screen, there was huge cheer and someone suddenly shouted… “Aayyyy Matrikcx“… That was the best moment in the rather boring film as I didn’t even understand the language… But Shruthi had other plans… She wanted to watch the movie silently in a multiplex to get a feel of it the next week… What the fish!!!

Like me, all her friends wanted to make sure that they are busy the next week and rather not come in sight of Shruthi… An entire week went by with people teasing and pulling Shruthi’s leg for the movie which she made us watch so painfully… And to the entire team’s happiness and my hopelessness she proposed in front of everyone that I would be accompanying her for the movie again this weekend… This left Rahul in splits and he was unable to control his laughter…

And as usual, the typical girl’s dialogues began… Raam is a very good friend of mine… He will accompany me to the movie… He doesn’t even pull my leg and never even hurts anyone… He is a gem at heart… Damn man, had I known the fact that pulling her leg would have saved me from breaking my head once again, I would have pulled her leg right from the day I saw her in the training classes…

The fish was finally caught in the net with no options and negotiations… And so I accompanied her once again… 😦

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