Vada Naatu Kaadhal Kadhai – Part 3

Today was the D day… I was once again tortured for another round of Constantine and I decided to give out as many reasons as possible to stay away from it but God has been so merciful with Shruthi that she lived in the same building where I was but a couple of floors above…

It was 1130 AM on Saturday and I was in deep sleep… But no more!!!

The doorbell kept ringing without a break and I freaked out of my bed… I was only in my boxers and I didn’t care… I opened the door…

“What the hell??? The show is at 1400 Hrs and you are still on the bed? What’s that up and standing?”

“Oops! Sorry… come in… let me get ready in 20 mins!”

She gave a naughty smile and said… “Okay…”

I was in the bathroom brushing my teeth and she never stopped asking any questions… And she never gave a breather to answer the previous question before another one popped up…

How long has it been since you were away from your home?
I was…

Where do you live in Chennai?
In Anna…

Which college?

Are you too studious?
I find so many science fiction books here… Why don’t you reply to my questions?

I opened the bathroom door and smiled at her and said, “Give me a break between questions so that I can answer you…“

She gave a chirpy smile and said… “Oh ok ok… go ahead… I will not ask you any questions”

“Hmm… yeah… so it’s been almost 3 months since I am away from home… never been away from mom and dad for so long… We live in Anna Nagar…

“Do you miss your mom and dad? Don’t you have any siblings?”

I gave a constipated stare and she said, “Sorry sorry… one last time”

With a grinned look on my face…“Hmm…Yeah I miss them badly and I missed Diwali this year as well! I want to visit them at least during the Christmas break…”


“Oh yeah… I did my graduation from Loyola College, Chennai… It’s one of the most famous colleges in India… And about my reading habit… yeah! I read a lot of science fiction“

“And you don’t wear any inner wear while you sleep!”

I had a zapped “wtf” look on my face and said, “Hey come on yaar! I am alone in my home and can’t I be that way… Chumma if you keep pulling my leg I will not come to the movie yaar…”

She started to chuckle and said “khoma… khomaaami to mojak korchilam tor shaate(Sorry…sorry… I was just pulling your leg mate…)

I couldn’t understand what she was saying but I was 100% sure that she was abusing me… I said, “What ever it is baby! Relax… Don’t scare me!”

We got out of the house and I started my bike… She was continuously smiling for something she didn’t share the reason for… I knew what it was…

“Not again on that… okay?”

“Yeah pukka… Not again on that… But tell me, why did you ask for chumma?”

“Hehehe… It is not the Hindi chumma… Its Tamil chumma…”

“What is the difference?”

“In Tamil, Chumma means again and again… while Hindi Chumma means…”

“Ok ok… I understood”

And I started to drive to the multiplex and we reached 1.5 hrs well before the start of the movie… Even for a Rajnikanth movie in Chennai, I used to go just 30 mins ahead on a first day first show…

“Ok Chumma… go park the vehicle and come… This time I had cleverly got the tickets online”

Now she had found a way to tease me every time by calling me “Chumma”

Her eyes were glinting with happiness for her achievement… Damn! I felt like I had come to a movie with a mini version of Jyothika from Kushi (Again… A crappy Tamil movie)… At times I felt pity for how stupid she was and what a waste of planet’s resources on her and for the matter of fact; I personally never liked Jyothika…

But every time I heard someone calling her name, I used to think about Vadivelu’s comedy in Pokiri for the way he used to call Asin… “Suu ruu thiii…”

But I can’t even explain this to this dumb girl as she can’t understand my language and I can’t understand hers… 

8 thoughts on “Vada Naatu Kaadhal Kadhai – Part 3

  1. Its good da.. just a constructive suggestion – 'Pulling one's legs' I found this phrase is almost in most of the places in the narration. I think you dont have to put that as the situation is obvious. – Just think about it..The narration is good, comparisons are also very good da.

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