Vada Naatu Kaadhal Kadhai – Part 4

4 months later…
We both started to get along well and by every passing day, I was falling in love with this girl… I just don’t know the reason why these Bengali girls are so beautiful… I know this is a transformation of sorts for someone who compared her to a mini version of Jyothika just 4 months ago but as you know no matter what, every girl in this world has the potential to twirl a guy into a passionate soul and go crazy for her…
She used to tempt me to the highest levels and I turned a lunatic… But there was one thing that remained alike during the past 4 months… When she used to talk to me earlier, I used to feel that why the hell she doesn’t stop talking and now I can’t understand what she speaks!
I strongly felt that the reason behind this emotional bliss was her biological interferential pull which further resulted in Chemical imbalance in my hormones!
I was head over heals in love with her but I feared the fact that this might or might not work with her because of her family and linguistic issues… She holds my hand and makes everyone feel that we are seeing each other but for the fact, she keeps stressing to me on the part that we both are friends even when I don’t ask for… Though this pisses me off, I didn’t want to miss on the warmth and so I kept accepting to what ever crap she used to chatter with me…
One Friday evening, I went to visit her in her flat as she didn’t make it to office that day. She opened the door but was unable to hold on. She had a running temperature and was coughing badly… I asked her whether she had any food since morning and she gave me some name in Bengali which as usual I didn’t understand… So I asked her to come to my flat and watch some Bangla TV programs and in the mean time, I would make Rasam for her…
“Now I can’t explain every thing to you in detail about the recipe in English and match the ingredient names to your poetic Bengali verses… So come home, I will prepare the Rasam and you shall have it… Once when you are fine with your health, I will explain that entire recipe to you in detail using Google translator!”
She smiled and so I took her to my flat and made her feel comfortable… I switched on the TV and tuned in the Alpha Bangla channel… But thank God! She said we will watch Hindi programs… That was a sigh of relief!
So I made the best possible Rasam that I would have ever made in my life and gave it to her… She drank 2 full glasses of it while watching TV and fell asleep on my couch! I got her a comforter and covered it over her… Trust me! My heart was pumping to new heights… She wasn’t feeling well but she was too too too gorgeous (Though it is little sadistic to say this when she wasn’t feeling well)… So I held my nerve and went back into my bedroom to sleep that night… But was checking her time to time in the night by giving her water, Vicks and tablets…
Since it was a weekend, I got up early at 11 AM and she got up little late at 11.45 AM ;)…
I made coffee for her and we were discussing about her families… I was too interested in knowing her family as I wanted to know whether it was feasible to induce Tamil into her Bengali household…
“Ours is a big family, I have 2 elder brothers, 1 elder sister and 1 younger sister… My dad and my uncles are goldsmiths… Elder brother and sister are married… We are one of the well recognized families in the city but I hate being tied up at home… And by the way, your Rasam was awesome, I feel a lot better today…”
“That’s good”, but deep in my heart I felt, that girls and troubles always come in pairs!
“Let’s go and do some window shopping on MG road… I am getting bored here…”
“Okay…” and went into the kitchen to drop off my coffee mug
And accidentally, while turning back (unknowing the fact that she was behind me to drop her coffee mug in the sink), we just bumped into each other… With her eyes suddenly split wide open she said,
“Khoma…” (Sorry)
I thought to myself… “Whatever! That was awesome!”
She had a naughty smile on her face and punched me mischievously on my chest and turned back and started to walk towards the door…“Jangli! I will go and get ready and today I am going to wear a Saree…”
And I was standing there like a weird dumbo for a minute but got back to my senses and said,
“No baby! Then you would take at least 3 hrs to get ready! And moreover I am already disturbed and don’t excite me any more ;)”
Moron!” and she left…
So as usual, we started, ate, wandered, purchased few books, CDs, chattered continuously without a topic in Coffee Day and finally returned home with a KFC bucket! But to my embarrassment it started to rain…
We reached home completely drenched and we rushed into our flat… I saw her for the second time in saree and felt that she was stunning than ever… Her red hand worked saree was completely wet, her hair was drenched in rain and water droplets from her body were dripping on my carpet…
“I will go to my room and change my dress… Don’t dare to open the bucket! I will kill you… Now open the door… Your main door sucks! Shob shomoye dhakka maarte hoye” (hameesha dhakka marna padutha hai… Always it needs a push!)
I walked close to her… I smiled at her… She smiled at me…
I held her around her waist with my left hand, and moved her closer to my chest… Ours hearts were pumping fast and I was able to feel hers… Our heads were drawn towards each other intimately and we were breathing heavily… Her fresh mint breath and her strawberry lip gloss were driving me crazy and she closed her eyes…
Our hearts were racing, and we whispered on our lips,
“Do you like Wes… Beng…?”
“I… lo…ve… Kol…ko..tta…”
“Jyo…ti Baa…su…?”
“Ro…sha…gula…” And we kissed…
And people… please don’t ask me what happened for the next five hours… All I can say is just this; we never opened the KFC bucket…!!!

6 thoughts on “Vada Naatu Kaadhal Kadhai – Part 4

  1. ha ha ha ha 😀 awesome man!!! i'm loving it…huh! i could feel her beauty…at last, this Jotibasu & Roshagula were the best topic to speak at that time…i almost forgot about that KFC bucket 😉 give us more….

  2. i cant believe that its not one of ur 'Kadal Kadhai'. Let me c when will will finally accept it. :P:P btw, i want to know which house in blr has carpet flooring and that an infoscion could afford it.. :P:P

  3. @Nishu… When I say carpet, it means my door carpet as she standing next to the door and its not Bangalore… Its Pune! hehehe and its very much affordable…As even I was living the same way… though not like the character ;)And moreover I never mentioned the company as any Infosys or TCS 😀

  4. wooopss…. MG rd – MG rd confusion… 😦 keep reminding in the story that you are in pune.. for ppl like me. (though you mite not find a lot of them )

  5. "We just bumped into each other.. with her eyes suddenly split open she said,'.. kaapi kottiduchu..' "BGM : Kangal irandal from subramaniapuramHow is this?And 'Is it a good way to begin a conversation with jyoti basu and rosha gulla for a five hour work out?' May be i ll try with a 'Naan and butter chicken masaala' with my punjabi girl friend 🙂

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