Paartha Nyabagam – Px07 – Delta 9378


We boarded the flight and I was too tired doing the CIA work since taking off from Chennai. So I decided to doze off for the next 11 Hours of non stop travel but fate always had its way…

The girl in the transparent stockings sat next to me. I stood immediately and said, “Do I need to change the seat? Where is your mom?”

She couldn’t stop laughing at me and said, “No…She isn’t coming. She was travelling only till Amsterdam”

“So shall I sit or someone else is replacing me here…” I said with a smile.

“No…No one…You can have yours…No more obligations” she replied with a grin.


I tried to browse through the magazines and tried to pretend to listen to the songs on my iPod even though I knew there was no battery left. The first one hour went by and I couldn’t stop myself from asking her…

“I strongly feel that you certainly don’t belong to Chennai…”

“And what makes you say that?”

“Just guessing…Am I right?”

“Yeah…I am from Punjab. I came down to Chennai to meet my uncles before travelling back to US”
See… There I go…I guessed correctly” I was proud of myself even though it was clearly evident that she was no where from India!

“Yes you are…”

“But if you don’t mind, what about your mom?”

“Actually my parents are settled in Amsterdam and my relatives in Chennai. I live in Los Angeles. I flew down to meet my relatives after 4 years and my mom after 2 years”

“Oh! Yeah…I could notice from your accent and your mom’s desperation to sit next to you…”
She smiled and that was enough to set the Aircraft race for the moon!

An hour passed by and I couldn’t take my eyes off her… “I am Raam”


“Cool name…”

Another hour passed by,

“This is my first time to United States”

She was snoring.

She wasn’t interested in me but I was very much into her…

The Air Hostess asked, “would you like to have vegetarian or non vegetarian?”

She replied, “Vegetarian please”

“What about you sir”

“Of course Vegetarian…I didn’t know that you are a vegetarian. I am also a vegetarian. It feels so 
good to be a vegetarian isn’t it? I just can’t stand by people who have non vegetarian. How can they kill an animal and have it. That’s so bad.”

Following is the conversation that happened between Malar and Dhanan on the other side at the same time…

“This chicken is awesome…Raam should be loving it…”

“He would have completed this by now and would have asked for an extra leg piece…”

And they both started to chuckle…

“Let me go and check on him…” said Dhanan and he came to me exactly when I was having my PETA conversation with Suman…

“Machi…Did you try the chicken…It’s roasted just as you love it…You should be in love with this chic…” and he stopped when I stared at him and he looked at my plate full of lettuce and green salad…

He didn’t say a word and left silently and Suman couldn’t stop laughing…

“Looks like he got confused with another chicken… Sorry… another friend of mine,” I stammered
And she started to laugh loudly…

“What…What’s there to laugh?” I asked

“Actually, even I am a non vegetarian but I was never sure of the non vegetarian provided in the aircrafts…So I opted for vegetarian…”

“Oh…Chicken is actually a healthyyyyy dish…” I dragged and I was in an awkwardly situation…
For the next 3 hours, I couldn’t feel right and kept quiet while Dhanan snored on the chicken he just had! I thought of putting my pillow on his face and killing him.

The entertainment screen displayed the time to reach the destination as 2 hours 30 minutes. I wanted to extract her number and place of living before we got down.

So was about to strike a conversation and then,
“I suppose you are going to Los Angeles. Can you help with the hand luggage? I have to show you some photos of visit to the place couple of years ago…”

Wow…Now she is striking a conversation with me…I jumped onto the luggage and gave her laptop right away. She pulled open some pictures of her and her friends in and around California…

“This is from Universal Studios…That’s Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco…That’s when I went on a trip to San Diego…That’s the Torrey Pines Beach…”

Wow… Bikini… I whispered

“And this is Big Sur…And that’s my close friend Marcus” she said pointing to a shirtless lean patchy guy in a military colour boxers.

“Boy friend”

“I don’t know…” she said and smiled.

My world crashed in front of me but still wanted to grill and get out the information… “I don’t know? What’s that supposed to mean?” I asked her with a smile.

“Hmm…I like this guy but he seems to be too busy teaching architecture to his students…”

“He’s a professor”

“Right…California State University, Northridge”

I smiled and shook my head…


“I am going to the same university but with Electronics and Computers as majors.”

“That’s cool…So we can catch up…”

“Sure… So he doesn’t know that you love him but you are going to propose him?”

“Hmm…” She nodded with a smile

I was dejected but gathered confidence enough to say, “I wish you luck…”

“Thank U…” She said with an accent.

“And hey, if you want keep in touch with me, this is my number written back of this card.”


“You can call me in case of any help you want…”

“Sure…That’s…That’s great…” And the flight landed in Los Angeles International Airport


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