Paartha Nyabagam – Px10 – The Breakup

I never had the clue of whom to spend the time with…Preethi or Suman?

Suman just had a break up with her so called professor and that never stopped me giving sadistic pleasure. Wow… The hottest Indian chick in the campus is not only my “best friend” but single now. I felt I was on a Grand Prix race and racing at speeds I imagined only in my dreams!

“I just hate him. He dumped me for the sake of that Japanese bitch! I am gonna fucking kill her…” she said breaking the wine glass from our table…

“Baby… you are too drunk and I can’t allow you to have anymore”



“Raaaaaaammm… Do you know that you are good guy?” My eyes lit up but pretended as if I never heard it.

“Are you even listening to me?”

“Yeah… Yeah… I am listening. Now sit back until we reach home”

“Noooooooooo I don’t want to go home! I want to go Zuma Beach…”

I gave a stare and said, “You got to be out of your mind. It’s almost an hour from here and you would be knocked out by then”

“Please… I want to go… Please… I will learn Tamil for you”

I chuckled but said,
“Baby… Understand. Its 1 AM already and going to the beach is not a good idea. You are already on four shots of tequila, one glass of wine and two Bacardi breezers. It’s advisable to go home. You be a good girl and I will take you tomorrow without fail”

She started her fake crying and I didn’t mind as I know she would flatten out in 10 minutes but I was wrong. She was floored in 3 minutes after I asked her to sing a Bhojpuri song.

I watched her through my rear mirror while she slept in the back seat. She was stunning and I felt pity that she had to go through so much in her life at this young age. My past one year with her helped me understand the person she was but never the feeling of something special weighed off me… She was five when her parents had a divorce. She came to the United States with her father as he was well off monetarily than her mother. Her father married for the 2nd time and so her mother. She was separated from her father when she was 18 and travelled down to California to pursue higher studies. She met Marcus and felt her long lost love was found again but little she realised that her entire life was a battle for an ever lasting love and he was never the guy…

We reached home and I carried her out of the car in my arms, opened the doors and put her on the bed.

“Don’t go… Please… Stay back…”

“I am not going anywhere. Now sleep”

“Kiss me…”

My heart desired, my brain stopped functioning for a nano second. I didn’t want to miss out on this opportunity but by the time I came close to her, she collapsed and fell asleep…
I bent my head shook for a while with a genuine smile and then stood up, covered her with a comforter.

She had the habit of whispering in her sleep and today was no different. She was wearing a black spaghetti top and a blue jean shorts. Her top revealed her curvy navel and her shorts gave away her beautiful waxed legs. She was hot and I just couldn’t resist myself. I decided not to stay back as it was too risky not only for her but for our relationship as well.

I got up and walked towards the door…

“Why no o… lovsss meee? All theeyyy waannnttt isss ttoo get physicccc with me… I hate you Marc… bassss…

Why doesn’t anyone be true to me like Rrrraaa…mmmmmm”

I stopped… turned towards her… I didn’t know what to react… All this while, Suman to me = Wait for your chance… Sex some day!

But everything changed. She was too tender for another heart break and I never wanted to be a 

reason… My eyes were soaked as I was disturbed for the first time since years. I slowly wiped off the tears, turned off the lights and stepped out of her house.


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