My Noiseless Memories – Chapter 17

Present Day…
I remembered the day I got placed in a huge IT firm. Handsome salary…Great life…The promise I made to my dad that I will make him proud! My plans to propose her after graduation, settling in America… In a way, a full circle of my life in America was in flashes before me…
Not long ago…
Almost 18 months passed by and it was time for us to graduate in the next couple of months! I found a placement consultancy ready to place me as a contractor in their firm and well…it was a start. I was happy to look back and say that things have moved on faster and better in our lives. In fact my maturity levels grew leaps and bounds over these months.
Meanwhile, Rajesh, who came to US 10 months back after getting an admission in a university in LA, knew how difficult it was for me to live with Zoya and yet find it difficult to suppress my feelings for her… He flew down for a weekend to my place. That weekend I, Rajesh and Sumanth went out fishing…
Aise ladki zindagi mein baar baar nehi milti hai mamu! (Mate, you never come across girls of her type…) Never leave this chance. She is the right girl for you. Agar tu usse sach much se hi pyar karthe ho, tho batado na? (If you love her so much, why don’t you go tell her that you love her?) What are you waiting for?’ said Rajesh…
‘But the problem is she hardly shows any kind of similar emotions! She is always light hearted and introduces me to people, that I am her best friend?’, I said.
‘What do you expect then…To introduce you as her boyfriend? Did you introduce her that way to anyone so far?’ said Sumanth.
I shook my head in agreement.
Phir? (Then)’
‘Ok… Let this be a man to man talk… For all these months and numerous moments, didn’t you get a single chance to get attracted to her…Romantically…Or at least go talk to her?’ said Rajesh
Yaar, chance tho mila par… (Buddy, I did get the chance…) but when I look at her eyes, I just don’t know… I just forget every word I want to express…I even talk her not to look at me that way with her eyes when I want to say something…’ I said.
‘’See… That was the signal dumbo!’ said Rajesh
Sumanth was sitting there all along and he couldn’t take it anymore…’Rajesh… Trust me you just don’t know what this prick did the last time assuming that was the signal!’ smiling cheekily at me…
I put my head down…I didn’t know what to say…

Kya kia is dakkan ne?(What the heck did he do?)’, asked Rajesh with his eyes wide open to Sumanth…


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