My Noiseless Memories – Chapter 18

Not long ago…

‘As you know it was Aruna’s birthday couple of months ago…Everyone were invited…The cake cutting happened…I don’t know what the problem was between Arjun and Zoya but they pretty much stayed separate during the entire celebration. Then we went to the nearby dance bar where there was dance, booze…In short, it was one hell of a crazy night…The dance floor was amazing and the music rocking! All of us were pumped up… Dance was in the air…All of us were dancing and suddenly out of nowhere, our superman walks over to Zoya, grabs her and smooches…!’

‘What…?’ said Rajesh

‘We just couldn’t believe what we were seeing…She pushed Arjun and left the party…That incident didn’t go well with Zoya I suppose…Within few days, she moved into Archana’s apartment…

We thought everything was going well between these guys but there was no purpose for Arjun to act that way… We just couldn’t figure out!’ completed Sumanth.

Rajesh’s hands were over his forehead in shock and awe! He certainly never expected this from me…

Meanwhile, here are some of the reactions from my friends whenever they discuss about me, Zoya and the incident with someone new…

Varun: I knew this a long time ago… They just weren’t meant to be together… I had long waited to propose Zoya… She is so gorgeous… How could Arjun act so cheap…?

Sruthi (This chick wasn’t even at the party!): It was so shocking…For a second, I felt so embarrassed. How can someone force themselves over a girl that way? Had it been India, my uncle (Police Officer) would have taught Arjun the right lesson!

Preethi: That was just out of the blue! Had I been in Zoya’s place, I would have given Arjun the smooch of his life… I had been trying to propose him for the last 2 years…Now…at least I have a chance on our graduation day! I am so happy that they broke up…They just weren’t right for each other!

Mike: Oh! WTF (What the Fuck)! When did that happen? Are you serious? (This jackass was drunk and didn’t know whose party he was in…)

Prasanth: Look! Look! I have the picture on my iPhone! Man! 8 megapixels! Look at the clarity of the picture… It’s just awesome!

Prachi: Big deal! Dilli mein bahut dhek chuke hum (I had seen this many a time in Delhi)!

Manoj: Our country’s image and our rich culture are getting spoilt. These guys should be taught a lesson on our cultural sensitivities. Naam tho Arjun hai… par pyar Pakistani se karthe hai! Kaise Kaise harkat kar rahe hai ye loog aaj kal? (He has a Hindu warrior prince name but he has fallen for a Pakistani…I don’t know where our culture is taking us…)

Nicole: Yeah right! That couple from Sub-Con right! The video went viral on YouTube… In 24 hours, we had more than 11000 hits! The video was titled – ‘India finally smooch Pakistan!’ I guess that counts for some cultural exchange in America!’

Rajesh’s head was spinning… He couldn’t make out anything of what has happened between us… He finally said,

‘Arjun, Just… Just tell me what happened? What the fuck is going on here?’

It was confession time…


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