My Noiseless Memories – Chapter 19

Not so long ago…

The story before the breakup…

My GPA was pretty good. Zoya’s GPA was also fine. So there was never a question of studies or education.

‘Is it related to the story?’


‘Then please skip it…’

‘Ok… It was semester break. All of us were planning to prepare for a trip to Orlando and Miami. My plan was to propose her in Disneyland… I planned each and everything so meticulously that it was perfect. The plan was to put on a Mickey mouse (Zoya’s favorite character) costume, plan a carnival dance for her along with the dance troupe, so that I could dance around as one of the cartoon characters and finally when the dance is over, I as in ‘The Mickey Mouse’ would take her hand, go down on one knee, take off my mask, and propose to her…’

‘Dude… That’s epic romantic…’ said Rajesh…

‘Yeah… The epic romance costs, a goddamn $1500 and then an extra $300 per head for the arrangements and a candlelight dinner… ‘

‘Now that’s a lot of money for a career starter! So what happened next?’

‘Actually, nothing happened before to happen next…’

‘Beg your pardon?’

‘She said she doesn’t want to travel to Orlando and Miami…’

‘Where did she want to go then?’


‘But why…?’

‘Her friends Fatima and Tania were studying in Chicago…I asked her why not plan for the Chicago trip the next time but she was adamant. She wanted to go. I didn’t want to reveal the surprise I had for her nor did I want to miss the Orlando trip…I went into a convincing drive for the next three days…Nothing worked. I was exasperated. I was vexed. I couldn’t stand her stubbornness!

This was followed by four days of endless fights… After every fight, I looked more and more like someone who was standing on the edge of insanity with one foot on a banana peel…’

Rajesh smiled…

‘And after every fight she would start crying.

And with her crying tantrum, she ends up winning every argument. I just don’t understand her when she is crazy… She would immediately start proposing the fact that she is single independent woman and she has a right to decide what she wants!

I sometimes counter argue on that point as well but in vain…

Rajesh couldn’t stop laughing… But was attentively listening to me…

‘So what finally happened…?’

‘She won the argument… She went to Chicago and I went to Orlando…’

‘Did you really go to Orlando?’
I looked at Rajesh, winked and said, ‘No…’

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