My Noiseless Memories – Chapter 24

Present Day…
En route to the airport, I wanted to pick up my daughter from the crèche… I was inconsolable. Rajesh did the bulk of talking and I stood their speechless. The school mistress promised me that she will keep my daughter safe until we were done with the formalities.
I saw my daughter come running to me, I held her in my hands…‘What happened papa…?’
What could I probably answer the poor little one? I hugged her, and kissed. She was all I had…
Not so long ago…
8 Months later…
It took 8 months for us to get married, from the day my dad called me to inform that he is ready to accept Zoya as his Daughter-in-law. To make sure, that everything was in tune with our parents sentiments, we arranged the wedding in both Hindu and Muslim traditions. Though Zoya’s dad didn’t make it to the wedding, he was happy that the marriage took place according to Islamic tradition (We didn’t share the Hindu styled marriage photos with him on the request of Zoya’s mother).
After 7 years since I first met her at the university apartment in Texas, we finally were man and wife. The journey was one hell of roller coaster ride with all the ingredients required for a love story!
6 Years later…
Any man can be a father but being a father to a girl is always a special feeling because ‘for a son is a son until he gets a wife; a daughter is a daughter for the rest of her life.’ It was an amazing experience to have a daughter. I had one…
Our first few months as new parents were ridiculously tiresome. We spent sleepless nights, changing her nappies once in every four hours, drooping on the couch and kitchen tables, finding no time to eat together but feed her whenever needed to, no time for entertainment or recreation… We were on skates 24×7!
Zoya turned out to be a great mother but that never stopped her on picking up fights with me. She was tired to switch between the role of a mother and then back to a consultant working on her sabbatical! Nor there was a deficit of those noiseless days we spent on each other’s shoulder while our daughter slept.
With every passing year, my daughter started to grow faster, smarter and cuter. A daughter is the only person who loves her father blindly. When Zoya would ask me to spare an evening for shopping, my tiredness and laziness used to give in. I used to turn a deaf year to her disappointed chatter… Predominantly, her chatter used to be in Urdu… I suppose…
‘Mom…! Tell me a story…’
‘Go, ask your dad!’
‘Papa… Please tell me a story…‘ Whenever my daughter puts her arm over my shoulder and asks me anything, for some reason, I just turn into a pat of butter in a hot frying pan! I guess it’s the same with every dad in this world!
My life was great with Zoya around. As every marriage runs through its bumpy rides and rough weather, there was never a time, I hated her. Though I had my own share of quarrels and fights with Zoya, she was still my Zoya and I kept falling in love again and again with her. She was just the girl God meant for me…And my daughter in a sense completed us…

11 thoughts on “My Noiseless Memories – Chapter 24

  1. That’s a lot of chapters of noiseless memories.
    I will take time to browse through. I like this blog!
    Thanks for finding me and commenting on my posts.

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