London Bridge

Monday mornings are always shit gloomy…Half asleep with project status calls and meetings planned right from 8 AM in the morning till you realize that its lunch time and you have already gulped down 3 coffees! Being an IT Consultant looks cool and awesome with those cool suits, ties, blackberry meetings, unending conference calls where no one has a clue of what the discussion is and yet the call goes on for hours, but the fact still remains that no one knows what lies beneath.

I was travelling by London Tube on a chilly Monday morning from London Bridge to Canary Wharf through the Jubilee Line. There was a long queue with people’s faces buried into the daily newspapers. And then there were few who were trying to get over the hangover of the weekend with the help of a Starbucks and Costa, and few more were busy replying to mails over their blackberry. I was moving closer to the underground station and I knew that I had very little time to reply back to the mails as I would be losing signal in few minutes.

As I was about to hit the send button, someone patted on my shoulder. I turned back and looked at a girl who stood there with a grin on her face. At first I didn’t recognize her but I rushed through my past memories and remembered her in an instant. She held her hand forward and with an agreeable nod and smile she said,

‘Will you give me the locket now?’

She was the same girl I had spent the night with few years ago…We bumped into each other at ALL BAR ONE in Canary Wharf. She was sitting alone with a Bacardi in her hand. Watching her sheer beauty, my mind and heart worked in perfect sync! Both said the same thing… ‘This is it… Hit on her!’ I eventually did.

So I offered her a drink and she said she was waiting for someone. I tried dropping in a couple of cheesy lines but nothing worked. I finally said, ‘Just one drink…You can always go back once when the person whom you are waiting for arrives.’ She agreed with a beam.

We had two rounds of beer and no one was still to be seen. I asked her, if she was really sure that someone was joining her. She smirked and said with a shy tone, ‘There was never anyone…’

For the next hour we shared funny instances and discussed a range of topics that were amusing and hilarious. We went around from one bar to another one around London. First we dropped by to watch the Chelsea vs. Liverpool game, and then we went around Oxford Circus & Regent Street high on tequila shots and did some crazy stuff in the name of shopping at John Lewis.

And the last stop was Leicester Square. The Odeon theater was screening the premiere of Inception and she literally went nuts when she saw Leonardo Di Caprio wave his right hand at his fans… Once done with another round of lighter drinks, we took a walk down to Trafalgar Square. The night was cold and I could feel the cool breeze pass upon us. She held me closely and I held her with my arm over her shoulder.

We were drunk and we didn’t realize how messed up we looked. We sat on the steps watching an open air art show, laughing at the different arts being projected on the LED. We made fun of every stroke of the art being projected. We didn’t know what we were discussing and why we’re chuckling but we were sure of one thing. We were really drunk and liquor was doing the rest!

As we sat closer and closer, there was this warmth that was running through our bodies and we wanted more of it. As she came closer, I could feel the warm air escaping from her nostrils onto my face. We eventually kissed. It was first a peck. Then it was a little more than a peck. As it got better and better, within few seconds, our tongues did the rest!

We got on the tube, occasionally smooching and caressing before we reached my flat. It was getting warm enough for us and we didn’t have to wait longer. It was a journey down the lane which I hadn’t taken in months. In short it was the night I had wanted to ease my office pressure of the last 4 months!

We had the night for us and we were at our best. The candle lit room, our warm naked bodies, her flawless skin, the gentle pushes and kisses made it all the more exciting and pulsating! In short, it was heaven on earth. That was the night; I slept in a long…long time.

We got up the next day at 8 AM in the morning with our heads heavy with the feeling of someone trying to hammer them. We thought it would be best if we could grab some coffee and breakfast. During breakfast, coffee served as the major reliever for the moment. I walked her to London Bridge station and before crossing the lane; she turned around kissed me on my lips and said,

‘I had a great time with you. Hope we meet sooner than later…’

I beamed with a nod and said, ‘We will…’

While she crossed the lane, she waved her hand to bid good-bye to me and I waved back.

She smiled, turned back and started to walk. I slipped my hands into my jacket and felt a tingling sensation. I pulled it out to see what it was and it was her locket which she accidentally dropped the previous night while shopping at John Lewis. While she crossed the lane, I called her out to hand over the locket to her. Just as she turned, a high-speed bus hit her and threw her in front of the tube station entrance.

She dropped dead and I stood in shock with my eyes wide open!

30 thoughts on “London Bridge

  1. It was a dream!!!!
    And you woke up and stood in shock with your eyes wide open!! 😛
    Good one 🙂

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