London Bridge

Monday mornings are always shit gloomy…Half asleep with project status calls and meetings planned right from 8 AM in the morning till you realize that its lunch time and you have already gulped down 3 coffees! Being an IT Consultant looks cool and awesome with those cool suits, ties, blackberry meetings, unending conference calls where no one has a clue of what the discussion is and yet the call goes on for hours, but the fact still remains that no one knows what lies beneath.

I was travelling by London Tube on a chilly Monday morning from London Bridge to Canary Wharf through the Jubilee Line. There was a long queue with people’s faces buried into the daily newspapers. And then there were few who were trying to get over the hangover of the weekend with the help of a Starbucks and Costa, and few more were busy replying to mails over their blackberry. I was moving closer to the underground station and I knew that I had very little time to reply back to the mails as I would be losing signal in few minutes.

As I was about to hit the send button, someone patted on my shoulder. I turned back and looked at a girl who stood there with a grin on her face. At first I didn’t recognize her but I rushed through my past memories and remembered her in an instant. She held her hand forward and with an agreeable nod and smile she said,

‘Will you give me the locket now?’

She was the same girl I had spent the night with few years ago…We bumped into each other at ALL BAR ONE in Canary Wharf. She was sitting alone with a Bacardi in her hand. Watching her sheer beauty, my mind and heart worked in perfect sync! Both said the same thing… ‘This is it… Hit on her!’ I eventually did.

So I offered her a drink and she said she was waiting for someone. I tried dropping in a couple of cheesy lines but nothing worked. I finally said, ‘Just one drink…You can always go back once when the person whom you are waiting for arrives.’ She agreed with a beam.

We had two rounds of beer and no one was still to be seen. I asked her, if she was really sure that someone was joining her. She smirked and said with a shy tone, ‘There was never anyone…’

For the next hour we shared funny instances and discussed a range of topics that were amusing and hilarious. We went around from one bar to another one around London. First we dropped by to watch the Chelsea vs. Liverpool game, and then we went around Oxford Circus & Regent Street high on tequila shots and did some crazy stuff in the name of shopping at John Lewis.

And the last stop was Leicester Square. The Odeon theater was screening the premiere of Inception and she literally went nuts when she saw Leonardo Di Caprio wave his right hand at his fans… Once done with another round of lighter drinks, we took a walk down to Trafalgar Square. The night was cold and I could feel the cool breeze pass upon us. She held me closely and I held her with my arm over her shoulder.

We were drunk and we didn’t realize how messed up we looked. We sat on the steps watching an open air art show, laughing at the different arts being projected on the LED. We made fun of every stroke of the art being projected. We didn’t know what we were discussing and why we’re chuckling but we were sure of one thing. We were really drunk and liquor was doing the rest!

As we sat closer and closer, there was this warmth that was running through our bodies and we wanted more of it. As she came closer, I could feel the warm air escaping from her nostrils onto my face. We eventually kissed. It was first a peck. Then it was a little more than a peck. As it got better and better, within few seconds, our tongues did the rest!

We got on the tube, occasionally smooching and caressing before we reached my flat. It was getting warm enough for us and we didn’t have to wait longer. It was a journey down the lane which I hadn’t taken in months. In short it was the night I had wanted to ease my office pressure of the last 4 months!

We had the night for us and we were at our best. The candle lit room, our warm naked bodies, her flawless skin, the gentle pushes and kisses made it all the more exciting and pulsating! In short, it was heaven on earth. That was the night; I slept in a long…long time.

We got up the next day at 8 AM in the morning with our heads heavy with the feeling of someone trying to hammer them. We thought it would be best if we could grab some coffee and breakfast. During breakfast, coffee served as the major reliever for the moment. I walked her to London Bridge station and before crossing the lane; she turned around kissed me on my lips and said,

‘I had a great time with you. Hope we meet sooner than later…’

I beamed with a nod and said, ‘We will…’

While she crossed the lane, she waved her hand to bid good-bye to me and I waved back.

She smiled, turned back and started to walk. I slipped my hands into my jacket and felt a tingling sensation. I pulled it out to see what it was and it was her locket which she accidentally dropped the previous night while shopping at John Lewis. While she crossed the lane, I called her out to hand over the locket to her. Just as she turned, a high-speed bus hit her and threw her in front of the tube station entrance.

She dropped dead and I stood in shock with my eyes wide open!

Del Milux Shoud Die…

Last week I was thinking about a dream that occurred to me as what I would be in my parallel world and what I would have accomplished if the choices that I had taken in my life was different from the ones that I had taken yesterday and today with my life. First, I thought to myself that I was nuts and secondly; I thought I was bored to my ass to even think about something as useless as I had been jobless for quite some time.
It was Sunday afternoon and I just woke up to clear my bladder. During the whole process, I heard a knock on the door and I was too lazy to even move my body weight to open the door and respond. I stay put for some time. After a couple of minutes, the bell rang… Again! I went out to check out who it was.
There was this lean guy in his mid-20. He wore a suit and I thought that this guy should be crazy wearing a suit in mid-summer.
Hey, how are you?
I was taken back. How come he knew my name? Is he someone I knew from my past? With a confused look on my face, I replied. .. Yeah! I am fine… Sorry… Do I know you?
Are you kidding me? Don’t you remember? Your school mate!
Oh… I am sorry but I had moved around the country and studied at half a dozen schools in the last 15 years… So can you please tell me, your name?
Dude… seriously? He said with a startled look.
I had a puzzled look on my face and didn’t have a clue of who he was and where he’s from.
1998… 7th and 8th grade… Aporac Convent… He pointed himself and said with a question mark look… now?
I started to remember who he was but couldn’t guess his name right… Yeah! Yeah! I remember… its aaa…Del…aaa…. Del Milux!
Holy crap! It took you such a long time to guess… How are you? Didn’t hear from you for a long long time… You look so different now?
I know… Are you going to invite me in or not? 🙂
Of course! Of course! I am sorry… Please come in…
Ah! It’s all little messed up here! I just came back. Hope you don’t mind…
Ah! At last we meet… How are you? How is life? Where have you been?
I am fine buddy… Quite busy with an EMERGENCY business meet here at Stellant Corp. Had to travel 1024 kilometres for a 15 minutes board check… Can you imagine that?
I smiled and said, wow… You should be too tired… But I was feeling different in me. Here was a guy whom I didn’t even meet in 15 years yet he remembers me and has come down to meet and talk to him during his busy schedule!
So where are you working? What drove you to find and meet me? I mean, it’s been ages since we have even been in touch!
Are you testing me? I had always been in touch with you but you never responded to any of my phone calls, mails or chats! You seem to be busy person these days!
I was taken back. Didn’t know how to respond. I was sure that I was never in touch with him and the only knowledge I have of him at school was that he was bully and he almost killed Steve by pushing him against the wall.
So I gathered myself and asked him again, Alright stop kidding… Let me grab a beer but you got to tell me the truth….
I got him a beer and I sat there to listen to him. He went on and on about some of the craziest things he has done at school, college, office, his flings… I was patiently listening to him but was sure that there is something wrong with his change in attitude and looks. He was all suited up but had swollen eyes, his right hand shook vigorously, he was adjusting to sit back and forth on my sofa as if he has been used to sitting on much comfy furniture. No matter how much he drank, his beer seemed to be filled up to the brim. I was able to feel that the synchronized noise happening around me. It was not the trains, not the traffic around my apartments, not people, not Del… And suddenly, there was this jump!
I could see my walls cracking around me but couldn’t find Del hardly upset about what he felt. He was silently smiling without a course of action and said…
Remember… What goes around…? Comes around! 🙂
I could remember his face now clearer than before. I could notice the marks on his wrist and he was laughing at me as I was still working around him. He gave me stories after stories… Scenarios after scenarios… He was able to decipher my past, present and my darkest secrets. For a moment I thought was this Inception… But it wasn’t…
And then there was 2nd jump! I tossed over from the sofa and hit the roof… I couldn’t feel a thing but I was sure there was something genuinely wrong with me. I was sure that there would be another jump and I would certainly be clearer than before.
He shook his head and said, you still don’t get it…
Of course, I do but I just feel I need to give something back and set my house in order…
No… No… No… No… No… No… You have had your chances and you screwed it big time!
But, I had been punishing myself for what I did… I knew that if I had another jump, I could save myself from him and get back to the world as I know.
When the jump came, I went up but I was late. A thin pale white light gently sprinkled on my eyes. I could see all my life in flashes and my visions flickered. I was born with an agenda to serve with unending loyalty and that my creators promised to Del that I was the best in my field. Today, the day has come where Del pulled the plug and killed me…
I just crashed…
Support Team Report:
Subject: System crashed as it was old too old even for Windows XP OS.
Model: C840
Inspiron Cousin: I3800
Processor: Intel P1
RAM: 128 MB
Monitor: CRT
OS: Microsoft Windows 98;
Reason for decommission:
The system was currently under the confusion of whether to start Linux as the primary or Windows as the secondary OS. Hence, over the given confusion and as the system was unable to cater the needs of today’s emerging prototypes around the world, the system crash cannot be supported for an upgrade or even a place in the computer expo museum as Steve Jobs has occupied all of the corner spaces through his sheer brilliance!
And hence, the system cannot be used by IT Service companies as the system is current model’s fore father.
Also, are you really crazy to even think about putting it for recycling scraps? Let it rest in peace!
Dell Support

The Incident

Long ago, while I was a kid studying in the 7th grade, I completed my mid term exams and waited for the results. I was confident that I would outperform a lot of people in mathematics and I was confident enough that I would get more than 85 percentile marks. I was so confident that I came back home and felt at ease. The traditional 10 day break was over and the school reopened and my results were due the 3rd day after the school reopened. It was a Wednesday afternoon and the climate was perfect with gentle breeze and there came our mathematics teacher with the corrected answer papers of the mid term exams. 
She called out each person’s name and gave us the mark sheet and then came my turn. I received the mark sheet and to my horror, I was shocked to see that I got 65 percentile. I was broken. I cried, I felt hopeless and feared to go home and tell my parents. I was sure of 2 two things. My mom wouldn’t leave me alone and my dad would feel pretty upset after the effort he had put in to teach me algebra and geometry. I checked the answer paper and found out that my teacher hasn’t given me marks for a couple of questions. Either she forgot to correct them or she wanted me to show it to her… I felt a sigh of relief and went to her with the answers corrected and marks attested. I was confident then something stupid happened. She saw the mark sheet and assumed that I had falsely written the answers now and they weren’t there when she was correcting the mark sheet. She insulted me in front of the class and I felt dejected. I took the mark sheet home and showed it to my parents. My mom was upset but she said, she would come to school and discuss with the teacher the next day. That night, I was crying in front of my dad and explained him, what went wrong for no mistake of mine…. 
He took me out for a walk after dinner and told me a story, which I can never forget in my life… Here goes the story… 
Lord Rama was getting ready to be crowned in front of a huge gathering after coming back to Ayodhya defeating Ravana and winning Sita back. The cities were lit, the people were happy, the kingdom was celebrating the return of the God King and there was so much excitement and the crowning hall was filled with mantras, chatters, laughter and a never ending discussion of how beautiful the couple looked and what great brothers Lord Rama had. Then when the crown was placed on the head of Lord Rama, Laxmana the brother of Lord Rama was standing behind him looking the grand proceedings and for a second, he smiled gently and shook his head. 
Since he was standing next to Lord Rama, his smile was noticed by almost everyone in the great hall of crowning and each person took to their own meaning for the smile… 
Bharat & Shatrughna, the two youngest brothers of Lord Rama, stared at each other and sensed that Laxmana was feeling bad that after serving all the while he didn’t get his due and all is taken away by their brother Rama.
Hanuman, assumed that Laxmana was feeling jealous of the fact that after being all along together with Lord Rama during those tiring and pressing times, Hanuman was getting all the attention while he was getting none.
All the people in the great hall thought Laxmana was feeling bad that he is not being noticed for his service. 
Sita, thought that after saving and working tirelessly to guard them, he is left standing behind them and they are being given all the due attention. 
And finally Lord Rama thought that his brother Laxamana, hasn’t got the due recognition he deserved. He assumed that he was feeling awkward and painfully trying to take this huge gathering with a pinch of salt. 
Now my dad turned and asked me, 
“Now you tell me, Why did Laxmana smile and shook his head when Lord Rama was being crowned as the King?”
I told him that “might be… He was feeling bad that he wasn’t given a chair to sit or even an equal position like his brother Lord Rama and Sita to sit and get all the splendor while he worked tirelessly…”
To that my dad smiled and said, you are right in the way you think because, you just assumed the reason for which Laxamana smiled and shook his head. So your reasoning might be true to you but the fact can be given with 2 reasons… 
Reason 1
Though everyone assumed so many incidents and situations in their own way, none went ahead or even dared to ask Laxmana why he smiled when his brother was being crowned which was wrong.
Reason 2
The real reason behind why he smiled goes like this… 
When Lord Rama and Sita were banished from the kingdom into the deep jungles for 14 years, Laxmana followed them. But before following them to the jungles, Laxmana prayed for Nidradevi to give me a boon which would not allow me to sleep for 14 years and stay awake to guard my brother and sister in law, Sita. Now that the 14 years have ended, Nidradevi whispered into the ears of Laxmana, that you have served your 14 years without sleep and its time for you to sleep now. Hearing this, he gave a gentle smile and shook his head in disbelief while his brother was being crowned and this led to so many people assume so many things about Laxmanagrin… 
So my dad continued, 
“The moral of the story is, people assume a 100 things about us and you might assume a 1000 things about others but the truth can never be heard until you listen to it from the person whom you wanted to listen from and similarly, in case if you have a doubt over something, get it cleared instead of keeping it in your head and feeling the trouble over and over again. 
You did a right thing by pointing your teacher that she hasn’t corrected your answer sheet but she assumed that you were cheating her without even asking you or even thinking over that why it wasn’t corrected on the first hand. What I would suggest you is, prove that you are not the boy who cheated on her by securing more marks than usual and this will certainly change her opinion over you.”
I thought over the story again and again before going to sleep and it was kind of fascinating for me. I started the next day confidently and not carrying over the same doubt or my mind clouded with what happened yesterday but something good happened. My teacher called me into her staff room and asked me gently in a soft tone whether I copied or not. I swore her I didn’t and promised her that even if she asks me to solve those problems again without help, I would do it right away and show it to her. 
The rest was history… I solved the problems in front of her in 5 minutes and proved her that I wasn’t wrong and she was convinced. She added the remaining marks to the total I deserved. But this little incident and this little story that my dad told me when he took me out on a walk, I will never ever forget that for my life… 
It was a great lesson for me to learn not to judge on someone until I knew the real facts… 
I would have done numerous mistakes in my life but I take great pride in knowing and being the person what I am today…

The Librarian

There was a perfect silence in the air… The breeze was hard and the weather was harsh. The air was blowing hard on the vacuumed spaces. The military base was filled with mourners who had nothing to talk but wait. The helicopter landed on the air field base… The soldiers took positions and the anxious faces waited for the last glimpse… And then the casket was rolled over… Underneath the deep silence and veiled mourning, there was girl who was waiting to see her fiancée for one last time…
The partition of British India into India & Pakistan occurred with one of the largest migration of human moments on the planet where millions of people lost their properties, livestock, family, friends & relatives all in the name of single horror… Religion!
Rahim Hidayatullah’s family has lived on the money earned over their farm lands & livestock for generations in Kotli (present day’s disputed territory of Kashmir between India & Pakistan). And it was time for them to decide once for all to stay in India or Pakistan… Rahim has little choice of choosing India or Pakistan and so he decided to seek the asylum offered by the UK and go to England… He reached England to seek a new life and live a life that is more honorable and dignified even if he has to face severe difficulties… He was 13… He lost his entire family during the migration and all he had was to live life for him… He did a good number of odd jobs before taking up a role of a helper in a library. The public library was owned by an elderly person called Abraham Rodriguez who was in his early 80s. He was a kind and a gentle man and all he had was his library and his old age… He started depending heavily on Rahim for his day to day affairs as all he had was only Rahim. He liked Rahim’s gentle nature and he always loved the long conversations on varied books, writers and historic topics, day to day affairs. This bonding helped them to come close where Rahim saw Abraham as a father figure and all Abram had in his old age was Rahim. And one day, Abraham passed away in his sleep.
It was only later that Rahim comes to know that Abraham had a family in France but were killed during the holocaust and he left the library and his house for Rahim. So Rahim continued to run the library as a legacy to Abraham and started to spend more time in knowing journalism… 5 years passed… Rahim has started to run meat shops along side the library. It was during these days, he came across Salma in the public library. She was a short stout girl who limped over a little while she walked. The initial days went away in eye contacts alone. 2 years passed by and still there has been no progress in the way both looked at each other but they were sure off one thing… They were in love… One fine day Rahim took courage and asked her if she could tell where is from… The answer was a elegant grin from her… Krishnan was a bookworm who used visit the library and over the years Rahim had a strong bond with him which resulted in a friendship that lasted for a lifetime. He noticed the fact that this could not work if Rahim and Salma would keep staring at each other and so he decided to help each other but by then he was transferred to Public Works department in Australia… Krishnan placed a letter in the book that Rahim lent Salma in the library and he left for a good.
2 years passed by, Rahim and Salma were married and had a son named Shauqat Ali… To this day, Rahim contributed his friend Krishnan for his great act of help!
10 years passed by… Unlike his father, Ali was a second generation Brit and he had more of British views than from a British Indian view… Rahim started getting engaged more and more towards Islam and its teachings through his friends. He had a perfect view of what the religion was and he loved his religion as every Muslim did… Years passed by and Ali grew into a handsome young boy of 25 years. But Rahim had his share of trouble with his son as he was more westernized than his father… He moved to the United States and joined the armed forces which was against his father’s wishes and succeeded in what he wanted much to the embarrassment of Rahim. He differed on several opinions with his father and the worst was the fact he choose a bride himself… Nisha was a 3rd generation Hindu girl who was more outspoken and Ali loved her unconditionally… Ali went against his father’s opinions and eventually married her, which soon resulted in the end of ties between him and his father… When Ali got married, Nisha was pregnant with their child…
5 years passed by and Ali became a decorated military man… He had a son who made him remember the fact that Ali missed his father Rahim & most dearly his mother… Days passed by and he named his son Kabir Prasad.
1990, United States of America unleashed Operation Desert Shield and this eventually broke out into a full fledged gulf war. Ali was deputed to Kuwait for the operation and initial days passed by tension and turmoil. In early days of 1991, he received the news that his mother has passed away due to her extended illness. This news drew a thunderbolt on him as she was only contact with him during the course of years and it is through him, he used to know about his father… Emotions ran high and he decided to call it a day once when the war was over and return back to his father…
Rahim spent his sleepless nights in London looking around for every piece of news about the gulf war… Days passed by and he came across a news that shook him forever… The BBC news reported:
“During a fierce gun battle with the Iraqi armed forces, 3 officers were killed and 9 soldiers were injured. This is one of the biggest attacks on the US base in Kuwait. The deceased officers are Capt. John Merchant, Capt. Henry Rawlings & Capt. Shauqat Ali”
For a moment it just took the breath away from Rahim. He was speechless and he was broken. He was destroyed and all he could remember was Ali as a child, his youthful days and his revolting days against his son… He closed his eyes and tears rolled over his cheeks… He decided to trace Nisha and his grandson Kabir in order to provide all the stability and support to care of them… He met Nisha and begged her to return with him to London… She obliged as she too didn’t have anywhere else to go… Days passed by and Rahim was able to get over the horror that he had gone through and decided not to force Kabir anytime so that he might not leave him anytime… He viewed his grandson as his everything and the happy days of Rahim were finally coming back…
1999, Nisha’s life grew darker with every passing day as she never came out or recovered ever since Ali’s demise… She helped Rahim to cater his large library, restaurants and meat shops… Days passed by and Nisha’s health started to succumb and doctors reported her mental illness along with her liver failure as causes for her failing health conditions. She passed away after battling for life close to 90 days in King George Hospital, London. 8 months passed by, Kabir turned 18…
Rahim decided to help Kabir to know the world that he much used to live with in joy and happiness and decided to throw a party for his friends and inform the world that he is going groom his grandson as his future heir to his businesses… The party happened, Kabir appeared a happy man and he was coming out his trauma of missing his mom… Now all he had was his grandfather… And he loved him for everything… Rahim as a toast of joy during the party asks Kabir what he wants to be…
“I want to join military…”
The answer shook the very thought of Rahim and old health was taking a toll on his body and the emotions ran high… He decided this time not to stop Kabir as he didn’t want to loose him as he lost Ali… Taking courage and gathering strength he said,
“I am an old man now and I don’t have much of necessities in life to live with… All I have now is only you… My greatest request to you is, please consider me and return back home…”
Kabir said, “Dada… I know that you lost your son and every one besides you over the course of years… But I have dream… A dream to serve my father and his legacy… I promise you that I will be in military for 10 years from now and will leave it as promised to stay with you… Please consider me?”
Though Rahim’s heart was reluctant to let him go, he decided against his will & wanted his grandson’s happiness to any of his personal gains… He agreed…
Over the course of the next 2 years, Kabir met a girl named Banu with whom he fell in love… Rahim accepted the fact that Kabir is old enough to make his own decisions as he feared that if he stood over his path, he might leave like his son Ali… Banu was more vocal about Kabir’s choices and she gradually reduced the pain in Kabir’s heart and brought infinite happiness in his life… They were so much in love…
Then the day came for his departure…
2001, Kabir got recruited in the military academy and with in months of joining the military academy, America was attacked… Days passed by as Kabir waited to get a glimpse of what war was all about…
Rahim spent every moment of his life waiting for the 10 years to end in order to see the days where his grandson lived happily and he dying in peace… Kabir visited for 10 – 15 days every six months which was a refreshing factor in Rahim’s life… Days passed, months passed and Kabir’s dream came true… He was finally recruited to be sent to Afghanistan…
2006, Kabir reached Afghanistan and he continued to stay in touch with his Rahim while fighting insurgency…
2009, Kabir’s 3 year long campaign was coming to an end and he was to be replaced along with his troops with a new battalion… And as promised to his dada, he promised to call it day when he returned to London… Rahim’s joy knew no bounds… He was eagerly waiting for the day when he would see his Kabir…
Kabir was all set to return the next day from Afghanistan before a bomb exploded in the NATO United forces base camp which resulted in the most horrifying incident in Rahim’s life… Hope left him, but his spirit hasn’t… He along with Banu waited for the casket to arrive and finally when it arrived, Rahim’s old age didn’t let him to cry heavily as he was unable to walk 10 full meters with ease… The grief in his heart was much heavier than ever… He was at loss of words. He felt the life given to him by God was undeserving… He felt the pain deep down to his soul…
Banu was unable to capitalize the heart ache she suffered and couldn’t resist the pain she went through… She was engaged to Kabir 3 years ago… Today, to her Kabir is only in her memories…
1 year passed by and Banu started to get along with her friends and she was coming out of trauma… Her parents decided to seek an alliance with a rich Dubai based businessman and Rahim convinced her that she had to get along with her life and she cannot linger on her past…
4 months passed, On a Monday morning, Rahim opened the library which was the only thing that was with him throughout his troubled life… He opened the door and walked towards his counter… He saw a boy who could have been 12 or 13 years old… He wore a coat that was torn but looked elegant, his hair was ruffled but his face was gracious, he smelled sweat but his eyes were sharp… He walked to Rahim,
“Sir, can I please get job here? I studied in a school until I was 10 years old before it was bombed… I don’t have place to go as parents were killed in the war… I came here on asylum of the British Government… I would be of great help to you if you could give me a part time job here”
“What’s your name? Where are you from?”
“I am Shiva Shankar… I am from Sri Lanka”
Rahim smiled and patted on the boy’s back gently with his shivering hands…
“Go and get me the brown bonded book from the 1C Shelf“
The boy with great enthusiasm ran towards the section to get the book. He took the book out the shelf and opened it to get a glimpse of the title before he handed over the book to Rahim.
It read,
“The Librarian”

The Breakup

This a funny article that I came across in the Internet… Posting this article as it makes a good read!
I watched with awe and amazement as she came out of her hiding place. First a little peep over the ledge and then her whole absolutely symmetrical body. A perfectly blond head and a body you could die for. White as a virgin island’s sand. I stared at her with admiration and fear. She had changed the course of my life. Everyone said that she was killing me softly without me realizing it.
At first, like all bachelors, even I just wanted to hang around with her and show her off as my new found love. I was successful too. I raised many eyebrows but at the same time I was shit scared of introducing her to my family, even as “just a friend”. We met scarcely in the beginning but gradually we bumped into each other more often, sometimes not willingly or sometimes through a common friend. We grew close, so close that I was addicted to her.
Days passed into weeks, into months, into years. We were together all the time. She accompanied me to office, to the movies, shopping, even to my bed. We were inseparable. I felt great but inside me a feeling of guilt was beginning to rise. I was not keeping well off late. I used to get tired very soon and my mood was always cranky. At first I thought it was because of my close association with her but then I realized it was much more. She always stood by me in my times of distress and was of great help too.
It was only later that I realized that all this while, it was she who was killing me softly every time I kissed her. My deteriorating health made me reach a conclusion finally. I had to break up with my love. I didn’t want to but I had to. I had no other option. I was dying and I didn’t want her to be with me while I died. She was great with me and we had some great times but now she must leave me alone. She was too good to be ignored and I was sure that she would have already chosen her next victim by now.
I finally collated all the courage I could and decided to confront her with the harsh truth of breakup.
Sitting in the balcony in my favorite shorts and T shirt, I pulled her out from where she was hiding behind me. Looking at her, I felt sorry, she was so innocent and yet…….. I had to kill her.
“Whats the matter darling?”, she asked me with the most tender care and utmost love.
“My love,”, I said kissing her lightly, “I have to leave you now. It’s been a long time and we had a heavenly experience. We were a match made in heaven”
“Oh yes we were and we still are…. Then why do you want to leave me? You know how much I love you and how much you love me. You know we can’t stay with each other. Please don’t leave me now… I’ll die”.
“I’m sorry my love but I have made a decision”, one more kiss.
“Why? Have you found someone else? Is there someone who can make you happier, remove your sorrows the way I can? Help you in times of pain?”
“Yes there is someone else. But you won’t understand because you don’t have a heart.”
“I loved you more than anyone ever did. You will be sorry for this.”
I could feel her heat in my hands and could sense the fire running within her. I had to stay calm. She was now withering away and I was almost there… My goal was almost reached….
After a few more kisses and heated words I finally was able to convince her. “Goodbye” I said and sent her tumbling down from my fourth floor balcony. She watched me as she descended the distance until finally her head struck the floor below. Red sparks flew and my love, the cigarette bud, died without a sound.
I broke up from my love, Smoking…

Crushes to Crashes

This is a concept (the literary usage) which was already published somewhere in the internet but still I had done major changes to this to make this as a true story of mine so that it can be presented in a hilarious desi way…

Everyone in their lives would have had crushes, and I too had my share of crushes. But, it didn’t take much time for each of them to turn to crashes… None of my crushes took off, or probably they crashed even before they took off!! Today, when I look back, I can’t manage but to have a laugh at those silly yet interesting situations.

My first crush was on Miss Shilpa when I was in my tenth grade. We happened to speak only once. It was when I had offered her a coke. She refused to have it and the very next moment I gulped it down. I still can’t forget the dumbstruck look on her face. A few days later, she started going around with one of my classmates. They used to go for wonderful evening walks – Miss Shilpa, my classmate and her doggy. Unfortunately (fortunately for me), the affair didn’t last too long. On one such romantic walk of theirs, my classmate was bitten by the doggy. He brought up the question: “It’s me or the dog…” she chose the dog!!! The news gave me sadistic pleasure…

I was in a co-ed school for my 11th-12th. I got very friendly with Miss Rajeshwari in my class. It appeared to me that…yes…she is the girl. One day, Miss Rajeshwari came and sat next to me…close…really close… heart beats shot up.

She said, “I want to tell you something….but please maintain it as a secret.”
I knew…this was it…yes… She went on, “You know…Pavan? (Another classmate of mine) He proposed to me and I too liked him…and so I accepted. I am telling you because you are like my brother!!!”

WHAT THE HECK? As if the first news wasn’t bad enough, the second sounded suicidal. I looked at her with an artificial smile and said, “Congrats S…Sis…Sister!!!”

The next crush didn’t take much time to happen. It was Miss Sweta who walked in to our class. I literally had my jaws hanging seeing her. We became good friends…but I never fancied my chances…given the Miss Shilpa’s experience!!!

She was my Biology project partner…while she did the project…I concentrated on her biology!!! Just as the boards got over, and as I was mustering enough courage to tell her, her dad got transferred. She changed the city.

Next in the degree college, there was this hottie in my class (English). Boy….she was a babe…Miss Lavanya. She used to stand opposite to me in the chemistry lab. I prayed for some chemistry to happen between us. But I guess she was much smarter than I was. Miss Lavanya realized that I used to mess up all my titration experiments because I used to be looking at her and not the lab apparatus.
I called her out ALONE on my B’day. She turned up with her whole bunch of friends. The girls kept giggling and I looked for a place where I could go and bang my head. I steered clear of her for the rest of my college days.

Moving on from here, it was a major success story. This time round, it took some time for things to crash….just a little longer. A bit more than five years. Everything seemed like a fairy tale when the crash factor took the better of me.

By this time, I was in my job and I decided to use the term “interest” instead of crush. So, my interest grew in Miss Nupur in office. I thought she was a very pretty lady. Thankfully, the growth of my interest stopped very soon, the moment I learnt that she was supposed to go on leave the next week for her marriage. She was to marry her long time boyfriend. Only one thought came to my mind….The good ones are always taken!!!

Hmm…thankfully…..I have grown out of all these…no more CRUSHES… no chances of CRASHES…

I live this way now…hey…wait…..who is this new girl in our project??


“Meet our new team mate… Kavya!” 🙂