Del Milux Shoud Die…

Last week I was thinking about a dream that occurred to me as what I would be in my parallel world and what I would have accomplished if the choices that I had taken in my life was different from the ones that I had taken yesterday and today with my life. First, I thought to myself that I was nuts and secondly; I thought I was bored to my ass to even think about something as useless as I had been jobless for quite some time.
It was Sunday afternoon and I just woke up to clear my bladder. During the whole process, I heard a knock on the door and I was too lazy to even move my body weight to open the door and respond. I stay put for some time. After a couple of minutes, the bell rang… Again! I went out to check out who it was.
There was this lean guy in his mid-20. He wore a suit and I thought that this guy should be crazy wearing a suit in mid-summer.
Hey, how are you?
I was taken back. How come he knew my name? Is he someone I knew from my past? With a confused look on my face, I replied. .. Yeah! I am fine… Sorry… Do I know you?
Are you kidding me? Don’t you remember? Your school mate!
Oh… I am sorry but I had moved around the country and studied at half a dozen schools in the last 15 years… So can you please tell me, your name?
Dude… seriously? He said with a startled look.
I had a puzzled look on my face and didn’t have a clue of who he was and where he’s from.
1998… 7th and 8th grade… Aporac Convent… He pointed himself and said with a question mark look… now?
I started to remember who he was but couldn’t guess his name right… Yeah! Yeah! I remember… its aaa…Del…aaa…. Del Milux!
Holy crap! It took you such a long time to guess… How are you? Didn’t hear from you for a long long time… You look so different now?
I know… Are you going to invite me in or not? 🙂
Of course! Of course! I am sorry… Please come in…
Ah! It’s all little messed up here! I just came back. Hope you don’t mind…
Ah! At last we meet… How are you? How is life? Where have you been?
I am fine buddy… Quite busy with an EMERGENCY business meet here at Stellant Corp. Had to travel 1024 kilometres for a 15 minutes board check… Can you imagine that?
I smiled and said, wow… You should be too tired… But I was feeling different in me. Here was a guy whom I didn’t even meet in 15 years yet he remembers me and has come down to meet and talk to him during his busy schedule!
So where are you working? What drove you to find and meet me? I mean, it’s been ages since we have even been in touch!
Are you testing me? I had always been in touch with you but you never responded to any of my phone calls, mails or chats! You seem to be busy person these days!
I was taken back. Didn’t know how to respond. I was sure that I was never in touch with him and the only knowledge I have of him at school was that he was bully and he almost killed Steve by pushing him against the wall.
So I gathered myself and asked him again, Alright stop kidding… Let me grab a beer but you got to tell me the truth….
I got him a beer and I sat there to listen to him. He went on and on about some of the craziest things he has done at school, college, office, his flings… I was patiently listening to him but was sure that there is something wrong with his change in attitude and looks. He was all suited up but had swollen eyes, his right hand shook vigorously, he was adjusting to sit back and forth on my sofa as if he has been used to sitting on much comfy furniture. No matter how much he drank, his beer seemed to be filled up to the brim. I was able to feel that the synchronized noise happening around me. It was not the trains, not the traffic around my apartments, not people, not Del… And suddenly, there was this jump!
I could see my walls cracking around me but couldn’t find Del hardly upset about what he felt. He was silently smiling without a course of action and said…
Remember… What goes around…? Comes around! 🙂
I could remember his face now clearer than before. I could notice the marks on his wrist and he was laughing at me as I was still working around him. He gave me stories after stories… Scenarios after scenarios… He was able to decipher my past, present and my darkest secrets. For a moment I thought was this Inception… But it wasn’t…
And then there was 2nd jump! I tossed over from the sofa and hit the roof… I couldn’t feel a thing but I was sure there was something genuinely wrong with me. I was sure that there would be another jump and I would certainly be clearer than before.
He shook his head and said, you still don’t get it…
Of course, I do but I just feel I need to give something back and set my house in order…
No… No… No… No… No… No… You have had your chances and you screwed it big time!
But, I had been punishing myself for what I did… I knew that if I had another jump, I could save myself from him and get back to the world as I know.
When the jump came, I went up but I was late. A thin pale white light gently sprinkled on my eyes. I could see all my life in flashes and my visions flickered. I was born with an agenda to serve with unending loyalty and that my creators promised to Del that I was the best in my field. Today, the day has come where Del pulled the plug and killed me…
I just crashed…
Support Team Report:
Subject: System crashed as it was old too old even for Windows XP OS.
Model: C840
Inspiron Cousin: I3800
Processor: Intel P1
RAM: 128 MB
Monitor: CRT
OS: Microsoft Windows 98;
Reason for decommission:
The system was currently under the confusion of whether to start Linux as the primary or Windows as the secondary OS. Hence, over the given confusion and as the system was unable to cater the needs of today’s emerging prototypes around the world, the system crash cannot be supported for an upgrade or even a place in the computer expo museum as Steve Jobs has occupied all of the corner spaces through his sheer brilliance!
And hence, the system cannot be used by IT Service companies as the system is current model’s fore father.
Also, are you really crazy to even think about putting it for recycling scraps? Let it rest in peace!
Dell Support