Chennaiyil Ore Mazhaikaalam – P 08

Slowly people started pouring in and so did my batch mates. It was a rather gloomy start to a party and I was already waiting for it to get over. It was our fresher’s party…
I thought that this was a nice time to socialize with people whom I hardly knew at NIIT and it was time for me to put up a good show to garner adequate attention but my heart told me something else…

“Why do you want to risk yourself by again doing this stupid thing…? Relax and be yourself and the rest will follow…”

Though I held on to this attitude, I was sitting with my friends and listening to all the conversations from their college to NIIT to girls and most happening events in the city… And to make the things better, we finally got off as a gang at NIIT with a set of 12 friends… but I always wanted the 13th to be in our gang and as usual… so did Srinath!!!

Me, Dinesh alias Dixcy, Shankar alias Sanky, Shrivatsan alias Shri, Srinath, Aparna alias Appu, Aishwarya alias Ash, Meenakshi alias Meenu, Abdul alias Thala, Sandhya alias Sandy, Hemanth alias Hem, Madhan alias Maddy… And finally this was our gang…

Then there came the 13th person whom I had been searching for…

But that day she appeared to be dull with her eyes swollen and barely she was wearing anything interesting for a fresher’s party… Then a senior batch member came up to her to greet and ask for a paper dance which she politely declined. She looked more to be disturbed that day than ever…

“Hi Preethi… Come down here! We have been waiting for you for a long time” said Srinath…

“Dai… You have been waiting when the dinner would start… then why is it you are acting as if you have been waiting for her all this while” Abdul said…

“Machan… Please don’t screw up the situation… I had finally got a good opportunity to talk to her! So kindly don’t spoil it sir…”

“She hardly cares even when we go and talk to her, then why the hell you are trying to call her and talk to her… Will you never change from your stupidity???)” said Ash…

But Srinath hardly took to her words seriously and went towards Preethi…

“Hi… You are looking too gorgeous in this pink Sari… Why don’t you come and join us… You know something??? As you are the special member of the gang, we all had been waiting for you… ”

In the meantime, Appu was already irritated with Srinath, trying to woo her!

She hardly cared for his presence but did put up a plastic smile back to him and said,

“Srinath… thanks a lot for inviting… I am actually not in good mood! I planning to have some time spent all alone! If you don’t mind, can you please… ”

I got really pissed off with the way she treated Srinath and I was already fuming…

“Dai! Ne ippo inga vara poriya illaya??? (Hey! Are you going to come here or not???)”
She over heard me and turned the other side…

That night we had a great time, pulling each other’s legs with Hem trying desperately to woo Ash and Maddy getting deeply involved into wooing conversations with Sandy…

Around all these fun and frolic, I went to the rest room to clear off gallbladder… While I was entering the men’s restroom, I saw Preethi crying and going out of the rest room towards the balcony… I stopped a second but didn’t turn back as I hardly cared for her exorbitant attitude!

I relaxed myself and came out of the rest room. By that time, my gang was waiting for going ahead with the dinner… So I accompanied them and started off with traditional soup… I still don’t exactly get the concept of why parties have soups in the beginning? Is it really to create an urge to have more food or to make sure that the visitor not have more food… This still remains a mystery to me…

Before starting off with the main course, I got a call from my mama. Since the place was noisy, I went towards the balcony to speak to him…

There I saw Preethi crying and looking at her mobile…
I didn’t know what to say? My mind was clouded with questions like…
Whether to talk to her or not?
Will she ever reply back if I ask her anything?

And then I took a step ahead and asked her…

“Is something wrong?”

“I hate him!”

“I hope there are always ways to tackle problems…”

“I had tried every single way of not being myself just for him but at last I get this…”

I just stood for a moment unable to think what went wrong with her but for the first time I got a shade of pity on her…

“Preethi… I don’t know what went wrong with you and what you are going through…I will not even pose you the question… WHY! But there are always two sides to look an issue…”

“I don’t have anyone now in my life… I distanced all my friends so that I can stay close to him but today there is no one for me… No one would ever talk to me for the way I had behaved!”

“I can understand that you are hurt by someone… But always remember, that for every sunset, there will always be a sunrise… Don’t give up so easily!”

“What do you want me to do?”

“Whatever has happened with you… good or bad, try to get over it slowly…
And always remember that there is at least some one around you who can care for you…
You just need open your eyes and look around!”

“She wiped her tears with the tissue and stood there looking at me!”

And I left the place with a smile…

Chennaiyil Ore Mazhaikaalam – P 07

So the first day at NIIT turned out to be a disastrous one with me openly trying to flirt with a girl whom I never thought in my wildest dreams to be my tutor… But life has to go and I indeed meet some characters who went on to become one of the best batches or gangs that NIIT ever had!

As came out of my class, I met three guys namely Srinath, Shankar & Srivathsan… and to my surprise all were from my college but belonging to different departments… Srinath’s majors were Physics & Chemistry and Shankar’s & Srivathasan’s Physics & Mathematics… Srinath was nothing more than a small creature that stood exactly 5 foot tall and had a heart that could conquer anyone and every one… Later I found out that he stays in a very close proximity to my home… So this became an yet another reason for us to meet pretty often… And thank god to his Telugu… His mother tongue was Telugu and the most horrifying thing about him was also trying to talk in Telugu which if any Telugu speaking guy heard his slang is bound to kill himself… Such were his skills and above all, like me he too was mad about girls… but the best part of it was he kept trying even after repeated failures and I never did after one small failure…

And coming to the other two guys Shankar & Srivathsan… they looked absolutely studious and Shankar’s knowledge level on Computers was way above my head to understand…

I reached home that day at 7 PM in the evening and went on to meet another friend J…
J and I were close friends right from our childhood days… Our close friendship can often be attributed to our fathers who were also very close friends for more than 15 years even before we were born…

“J… looks like even I had screwed up my NIIT also!”

“Why da?”

I narrated him the whole session only to see him laughing out loud… but suddenly I stopped over myself and thought again…

“Who was that girl da?”

“Who da?”

“Pink sleeveless top… long open hair… a butterfly tattoo on her arm… a bracelet on her right hand… Oh no! I missed that girl da… I hardly remember anything”

“Yenna dressu??? Yenna hairu??? Yendha ponnu??? (What dress? What do you mean by her hair…? Which girl???) Idiot, explain me correctly da!”

“Nothing machan! I was so involved in the screw up that I didn’t look at any of my batch mates and didn’t even listen to the introductions of others… And now I remember that there was girl of whom I just had glimpses but hardly had a look at her face since she was sitting in the first bench and me as usual at the last…”

“Machi… let me tell you… perform well in the first exam at NIIT and girls will obviously start coming to you and will talk to you… This is your best chance… So give up all these girls shit and get on with your life… ”

J was always like this… but to make him happy, I said… “Sure machan… I will surely do well in my exams…”

I spoke to him about other junk stuff for close to an hr and finally left home thinking about that girl…

Chennaiyil Ore Mazhaikaalam – P 06

NIIT, Nungambakam: I walked into the NIIT building with my shirt drenched in sweat. I felt like I was put on a planet very close to Sun and work! My irritation grew every moment I crossed the stairs of NIIT. Finally I reached the first floor and opened the door…

A cool breeze just blew on me with a tender lavender smell… I just felt divine… Suddenly there was a breath of fresh air… the places which were burning with sweat suddenly turned into cooling spots… Man! I finally felt much better!

“Hi… Can I help you?”

“Yeah… I am new a student, I just want to get my ID and pass details from the center head.”

“Sure. Please come with me”

I found a stout female who should have been in early 30s and she was looking cool… Next to her was a girl who was looking absolutely dusky…

“Hi…Please take your seat… I will be reaching you in a moment.”

Suddenly I started to give sneek peeks towards that girl … Man its been a long time since I saw girls so close by and here is a girl who is so absolutely by all means hot & beautiful and sitting close to me… offffffffff I was getting blown away!!! I just held my nerve and in simple words in tamil, naan ore kannale sight adhichitu irundhen…  (I was checking out the girl!)

Suddenly the girl stood up, shook her hands with the center head and went away… and I was still looking at her…

“Ganesh… Ganesh… Ganesh Raam… GANESH RAAM!!!”

“Hmm… Yeah…” I was in some other world with her…

She smiled and said, “Welcome to NIIT. I will explain you the fee structure and all the necessary things that you need to understand…”

“Yeah sure…”

Once when explained all the formalities, I asked me to wait in the classroom 1A…

I just held on to all the documents of mine and started looking for the 1A room and finally found it at the corner of one side… I entered the room and to my surprise…


I first checked the room number once again and it did read as 1A, then I checked if there is anyone else and once no one was there, I cleared my throat and said, “hruhhh… Hi…”

“So isn’t there anyone else?”

“Yeah… Even I am waiting for everyone to be in…”

Straight away, I started, “I just saw you down there talking to the center head… So which college are you studying in?”

“Oh yeah… I just had a discussion with her… I am currently doing my MCA in Madras University…correspondence”

“Oh… I am studying in Loyola College… ”

“Loyola va… Okay! ”

I still don’t know why that exclamational blush in everyone’s face when I tell my college name but I continued, “By the by didn’t introduce myself, my name is Ganesh and yours?”


“Cool… good name but tell me why aren’t you doing a full time course?”

By that time, a group slowly started entering the room and suddenly it was full with the maximum strength of 25 and to my surprise, it was exactly 12 boys and 13 girls!

Then Priyanka stood up and said,

“Hello… everyone! I am Priyanka…I am doing my MCA in Madras University…I am…”

Suddenly, I felt myself too proactive and started, “Hi guys, I am Ganesh from Loyola college. Nice meeting you all…” but no one spoke or opened their mouths…

I looked at Priyanka and she smiled, “That’s good Ganesh, So can I continue…”

“Yeah… Yeah! Please!” I blushed as if I had known her for years and I knew what she was going to talk…

“I am your faculty for this semester & the next 4 months where I would be teaching Flowcharts, UNIX Commands, OOPS Concepts & C…”

And I hardly opened my mouth for the next 15 minutes until she was done with introduction…

Chennaiyil Ore Mazhaikaalam – P 05

My NIIT classes were about to begin tomorrow and I was not as excited as the way I was for the first day of my college.

1st July 2002: I finished my College classes at 1320 Hrs and I had to reach NIIT for the first day of my class… at 1500 Hrs. I had a solid 90 minutes to walk all the way to NIIT!

So I decided to go to Kutty’s. Kutty’s is a famous joint on the College Road where almost all of my college mates used to meet. It was always buzzing with students and it always gave festive look… I had a sandwich and a started my long walk to NIIT. While walking I noticed an Ethiraj College bus pass by and I thought of an incident that happened at my home when I was filling up few application forms for different colleges…

…I was filling my application and from no where, an uncle of mine came there… Suddenly there was a silence where no one spoke and then he said,

“Raam… What are you doing?”
“What a stupid question!” I thought to myself and I said,

“Filling some application forms uncle”

“Good… Which colleges are you applying?”

“Madras Christian College, Vivekananda College, Loyola College…”

“Why did you miss Ethiraj college???”

“Oh! Is it a big college?”

“Ada paavi! You don’t know about that collegeaaa?”


“It’s one of the most famous colleges of Chennai… If you get through this college, your placement is 100% sure in a multinational company!”

“Is it!”

“Yeah da… why will I lie…”

“Okay! I will meet mama today and ask him to get me an application form to Ethiraj college and thanks a lot uncle!”

The same day, I went to my mama when he was busy in his stationery shop and told him,

“Mama… I want to talk to you…”

He was so busy that he asked me to drop a message in the cash box so that he will look into it and take care of it… And so I dropped my message and went away…

With in no time, one of our shop workers called me and asked me why I wanted a college seat in Ethiraj College? There were already some laughter noises all around!

“Because its one of the best colleges and I am sure that I will get placed!”

“Placedaaaa… Which place?” and by this time there was chuckles all around.

I was bit skeptical before I spoke and then,

“Is there any problem with that college?”

“There is no problem with that college but you need to know that it’s a girl’s college!” 

I was again flabbergasted with his words… what the fish is the problem with my family… I am I the only scapegoat they have got…???

“Oh! Okay… sorry… sorry… Got it wrong! I actually wanted to write MOP Vaishnav college name and got it wrong…I have to go now… Will talk to you later”

Only later I came to know that MOP Vaishnav is also a girl’s College! That was the last day I tried to get any applications and that was the last day I though about guessing names of any Colleges in Chennai!

Chennaiyil Ore Mazhaikaalam – P 04

Days went on with the seniors ragging me for everything… I went to the college canteen only to understand that it’s the seniors den where juniors should go only on invitation. I went along with my friend James only to realize that English is allowed only inside the class rooms & library but not inside the canteen. Life was miserable with my friend James as he used to talk only in English even though he knew that we will be screwed mercilessly by our seniors in the canteen area.

Once I was asked to do a silly thing which I could never think of doing it again. They took me to Qwick’s Coffee Pub and I just thought that they would again ask me to pay their bill and so I was bit relaxed but to my horror, they asked me to do something else…

Firstly they asked me to wear a T Shirt and go around the place and ask five girls to sign in it… If unable to get five signatures then I had to try on the near by traffic signals! This looked fine to me… I just thought to myself that if I can go and tell the girls that my seniors are ragging me and so I had to get them the signatures, they would oblige and understand my plight 

But Kevin had different plans… He pulled out a T Shirt and it had the following info in it…

Picture: A pussy cat which was completely drenched in water and water dripping out of it and
Caption: “I love wet pussy!”

Now they wanted me to get a signature next to the pussy cat picture! What the fishhhhhhhhhh!
I was nervous and I revolted but if I loose, I had to end up taking them to Le Royal Meridian for their drinks party as I remembered my canteen bill for the last week which stood at Rs. 2959/- Since I had no other go… I had to accept this…

There were three girls sitting in the coffee pub and I though to myself, why not start from them… So I proceeded.

“Hi girls!”

I don’t know what went into their minds; two girls stood up and went away and the other girl who was sitting next to them turned and gave me a smile.

“Hi” She said.

“I am here to ask you a favor.”

“What’s that?”

That girl looked like a stick around which 3 meters of dress was spun around… and above all she was stung with a horrible dressing sense (According to her, the coolest gal on earth!). Now this is not the time to analyze, let’s ask her straight away,

“My seniors there are ragging me. They wanted you to sign on my T Shirt next to the Ca…ca… cat!”

She gave a naughty smile and said, “I will do it but you have to get all the three of us kaapi nirvana…” and suddenly the other two girls also joined her…

I just thought to myself, “…indha sappa figurunge ku yellam vandhe neram paaru… Dikotion color irundhute, kaapi Nirvana kekudhu paar!” (What horrible situation is this where a girl who looks in the decotion color is asking for Kaapi Nirvana)…

“Sure, I will get it for you”

So I got the decoction girls their kaapi nirvanas and got the signature only from two as the third one said they coffee was not good and so she is not going to sign… The cost of two signatures was 300 bucks!

Then I went around the shops and asked various sales girls to do the honors… Some did verbally and some almost did physically but managed to get two more of them.

I went around the traffic signal area and approached every single girl but with no success but still the canteen bill was lingering in my mind… The traffic signal changed to green color… So did my eyes change to red color…? I was chafing them vigorously and then came a black active racing past towards me and suddenly pulled the break.

“Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy… Arivu ketta mundam! (Brainless idiot)”

“Sorry… Sorry! Couldn’t see you as well as the signal while crossing the road, as my eyes were burning with these emissions from these vehicles…”

In the meantime, the signal turned to red color.

“Look what you have done! Now I am going to be late…”

“Sorry but can you…” I thought once again before asking her as she is already hyper tensed… but thought to myself why not ask her? Anyhow she looks to be a married female with a chain around her neck and bangles on her hand… but she was wearing a helmet with a black cloth tied to her face with only eyes visible and I was unable to see her face!

“My friends are ragging me and they want 5 girls to sign on my T Shirt… I had already got four… Waiting for another one… Please don’t take it to heart, Can you please sign this!” I asked.

“Hmm… Ragging a… Which college?”

Suddenly I thought to myself… Is she a lecturer in my college? Why is she asking my college name?

“Lo… Loy… Loyola… ”

“Oh! Okay… ok! So you belong to Loyola va…” By that time, the signal turned green and she just said,

“Come to the next signal, I will sign your shirt… Bye…” and zoomed past me…

What the fish! Anyhow, I just returned back failed and was disappointed that I was unable to get one more signature! And that night my seniors feasted on me!

My NIIT classes were due to start in two weeks and I was already bored with the outlook of my college life… The life in here is not the way it is showed in movies… I understood from the first 3 weeks of my college life as tiresome, boring train journeys, sadistic seniors, irritating professors and crazy friends. And above all I lost 8 kilograms of weight from the time of my last day at school!

And then…

Chennaiyil Ore Mazhaikaalam – P 03

Loyola College – 4th June, 2002: The first 2 days were orientation classes. In the beginning, I didn’t even have any knowledge of what Loyola College is all about other than hearing every now and then that it’s a very good college with great faculty & a wonderful alumini. There was also a common belief that if you are a product of Loyola College, then you will surely be of some use to your community and your country… So felt bit proud about my new temple of education.

After the first day of orientation I asked a student sitting next to me a common question… “Since yesterday, I had been seeing that there are no girls in the orientation. Is it like they have a separate session after ours?”… He gave me a shocking look as if I committed some crime by asking him this question and then he said…

“Don’t you know that Loyola is a boy’s college?”

“What?” His words stuck as lighting to my brain!

I was unable to bear the tragedy and the crime my mama has created! How could he just throw me away in a college with no girls! I can’t even ask my family members that why they have put me in a boy’s college… I knew that if I ask them they will kill me…

So I went to my elder cousin and asked him why they didn’t tell me that it’s a boy’s college… For which he said,

“The college cut off itself is 89% this year. We had to get a recommendation letter for your great score so as to get a seat in that college… Unna padika vekkarthe periya vishayam, idhule unaku choice veraya… po da… veetla yaara vadhu keeta unaku sangu than di…J (Paying fees and getting you educated itself is a big thing, In this situation, if you ask them choices, they will kill you… better get on with your life and do well in your studies! J)”

So instead of revolting, I obliged and the first week sent some of the best remembered shockers to my spine…

Chennaiyil Ore Mazhaikaalam – P 02

Many stories claim that it’s not a love story but eventually turns into one at later point of time in the characters lives… but this is a lot different one… This is an out and out full fledged love story and my craziness for the girl whom I love the most…
This is the story of me… myself… and my girl…

Let me give you a brief introduction what this craziness is all about…

I belong to a joint family with my cousins, uncles, aunts, grandparents and above all kids… 🙂

We reside at a place called Tambaram in Chennai. Tambaram is a bustling junction which took a strategic position in the last thirty years because of the connectivity it has with the rest of places down south of Tamil Nadu state as well as the final municipal region of Chennai Municipality. Even I was initially skeptical that what’s there in Tambaram? But I was wrong with my perceptions… Tambaram is a huge place with lots of places to go around and lots of branded merchandise stores. It can be in short called the Gateway to Chennai for the people down south.

Now getting back to my life in Chennai, let’s go back six years from now…

May 10th, 2002: My ‘plus two’ exam results were finally out. Though there was a sense of panic and tension, I was pretending to be cool. I got 72% and that was so typical of me… I was not great at academics and so that always showed in my results. My mom as usual started off with her anger and heated speech. My dad was cool as ever… Never to care what Raam is doing… because he was already sure that I will not do that well if I take Maths, Physics & Chemistry as my majors… J Such was the confidence of my dad on me… Though it was irritating in the beginning, I felt he guesses about me very correctly. Then there is my aunt and uncle… They were always good at education so always used to tell me a lot of things about their lives and the struggles they have gone through in their lives. They were often a great sense of inspiration to me and then there were my cousins in US of A. They were the best buddies I had when it comes to discussion of any topic and when it comes to pulling my leg, they were the best! Then there is my younger brother Naresh… As always he was good at academics as well as other activities. He was so good in managing his tasks, my dad and mom used to ask me to dram some inspiration from him J

Nevertheless, my results came and then there started a debate of what I should be doing…Engineering or Bachelors?

This discussion was on for 1 whole week before my uncle wrapping up the topic the with his so called brilliant idea…

“Since Raam is not interested in doing engineering, I have a brilliant idea… I spoke to Mr. Raja and he has suggested me to get him into a three year course as well as a GNIIT course at NIIT. This would not only give him ample view of what he wants but will also secure a future for him as the GNIIT course gives a compulsory placement after three years of education.”

When so many brains were revolving around to get my life into a safe and secured path, I was thinking about college, friends, parties, outing and above all the one for which every guy dies for… G I R L S… 🙂

Though I didn’t have an option, I finally said, “okay! If this is what you guys want me to do, then I will try”… The moment I said this, again everyone started,

“I told you… Not to ask him…” said one…

“Look at his attitude…” said the second one…

“That’s because we get him anything we want…” said another one…

“Not only that, it’s because of his grand mom who spoils him pampering…”

“Poor female, where did she come from into the picture!” I thought to myself…

Now with so many comments coming over again and again, I decided that its time I shut my mouth and listen to my people. After all everyone is doing their best to get me a safe and a secure life. So I decided to remain calm and accept what they were suggesting.

“Okay mama. I am ready for whatever you suggest. I am sorry for what I said”

Then started the preparations to get me into a college, I filled a zillion application forms.

Then finally the D Day arrived…

“Loyola College and the NIIT institute are close by to each other… This could save his time” said my mama.

Since he said it is close by, I thought to myself that I am in a better position but I was wrong… And do you know how close it was?

2Kms!!! 😦

Chennaiyil Ore Mazhaikaalam – P 01

The marriage hall was full of people and their bustling shrill as vibrant as ever with loads of happiness, curiosity, gossip and above all a sense of urgency… That’s how it has always been for any Indian marriage throughout ages. People making their presence with their loud voices, uncles & aunts making sure that everyone is invited properly to the stage, kids playing with the balloons given to them, youngsters pulling legs of everyone who were around, friends & foes helping out with some taking care of food section and some taking care of the proceedings of the entire occasion. Then there is always the priest with his never ending rituals & recitals of hymns from the Vedas…

It was raining heavily & that’s how it’s always been in Chennai during Diwali. I entered the marriage hall with a bouquet full of red roses & a small gift. Suddenly from no where appeared a slim guy in kurtha. He was smart, handsome and above all he has always been a great guy to be with… He was Karthik.

“Why are you late? I had told you so many times to come on time… Cant you on time for at least for this occasion da?”

“Ille machi (No buddy…)… Sorry! It was pouring down heavily and I was caught in the rain” I said.

“You always have some reason or the other! Do you know something…?”


“This is your marriage and it is you who has to be here on time… Not me!” said Karthik

“Oh! Marriageaaa… Who is the girl?” I asked jokingly…

“Naaye!” suddenly from no where, Naresh chipped in… He was cool as ever in his blazers…

“Ok.. Okay… Was just kidding… But tell me is this your marriage or mine? You look so cool!”

“I don’t have problem… We will talk to her and decide… If she is fine with this, I will surely marry her…” said Naresh.

“Ada paavi… It looks like you will pull my plate and eat it in one go… Please leave it sir… It’s my marriage and please don’t tell her that I am late, But tell me should I go and change my dress or shall I come over in this attire?”

“I think, its better I will go and call her…”

“Ayoo! Illa…illa (Oh! No… no)… If she sees me in this attire, she will kill me… I will better go and change it!”

“Hmm… Now this sounds good! Now you go and take bath and get ready…”

“Yeah! Let me go and get the suit from my car!”

“No need… I will go and get it… you better go and take bath by that time”

Karthik ran towards my car and to take the Jodhpuri suit. I turned back and suddenly there were a whole lot of females from both our families standing in and shouting at me for the delay…

Just thought to myself… “Ladies… GOD! Need lots of patience to deal with them!”

I slowly slid through them after hugging and convincing elderly hotties and ran straight into my room…

And then I was surprised…