Chennaiyil Ore Mazhaikaalam – P 01

The marriage hall was full of people and their bustling shrill as vibrant as ever with loads of happiness, curiosity, gossip and above all a sense of urgency… That’s how it has always been for any Indian marriage throughout ages. People making their presence with their loud voices, uncles & aunts making sure that everyone is invited properly to the stage, kids playing with the balloons given to them, youngsters pulling legs of everyone who were around, friends & foes helping out with some taking care of food section and some taking care of the proceedings of the entire occasion. Then there is always the priest with his never ending rituals & recitals of hymns from the Vedas…

It was raining heavily & that’s how it’s always been in Chennai during Diwali. I entered the marriage hall with a bouquet full of red roses & a small gift. Suddenly from no where appeared a slim guy in kurtha. He was smart, handsome and above all he has always been a great guy to be with… He was Karthik.

“Why are you late? I had told you so many times to come on time… Cant you on time for at least for this occasion da?”

“Ille machi (No buddy…)… Sorry! It was pouring down heavily and I was caught in the rain” I said.

“You always have some reason or the other! Do you know something…?”


“This is your marriage and it is you who has to be here on time… Not me!” said Karthik

“Oh! Marriageaaa… Who is the girl?” I asked jokingly…

“Naaye!” suddenly from no where, Naresh chipped in… He was cool as ever in his blazers…

“Ok.. Okay… Was just kidding… But tell me is this your marriage or mine? You look so cool!”

“I don’t have problem… We will talk to her and decide… If she is fine with this, I will surely marry her…” said Naresh.

“Ada paavi… It looks like you will pull my plate and eat it in one go… Please leave it sir… It’s my marriage and please don’t tell her that I am late, But tell me should I go and change my dress or shall I come over in this attire?”

“I think, its better I will go and call her…”

“Ayoo! Illa…illa (Oh! No… no)… If she sees me in this attire, she will kill me… I will better go and change it!”

“Hmm… Now this sounds good! Now you go and take bath and get ready…”

“Yeah! Let me go and get the suit from my car!”

“No need… I will go and get it… you better go and take bath by that time”

Karthik ran towards my car and to take the Jodhpuri suit. I turned back and suddenly there were a whole lot of females from both our families standing in and shouting at me for the delay…

Just thought to myself… “Ladies… GOD! Need lots of patience to deal with them!”

I slowly slid through them after hugging and convincing elderly hotties and ran straight into my room…

And then I was surprised…