Paartha Nyabagam – Px06 – Delta 9377

Year: January 2005
Place: Chennai International Airport

“All the best kanna”

“Thank You…”

“Take care…”



I left for United States of America along with Dhanan and Malar who also applied to the same university and received calls. My flight was booked on Delta Airlines.

I don’t know how many of you would be agreeing to this, but everyone I had come across is always concerned about who’s the person who is going to sit next to us. And if you are a male, it doesn’t matter even if you are married or single. We would still expect some extremely hot looking or beautiful girl to come by and sit next to us. I made myself perfectly enabled to get a window seat by doing an online check-in. This helped me to get a separate seat. Dhanan and Malar had their seats parallel to my row. And every time a guy or an aunt passed by, I would pray “Not him… Not her…”

It was almost close to 5 minutes before they shut the doors; I found a woman in her 40’s and a girl in 20’s getting inside the aircraft. I was sceptical that they might be mom and daughter and it turned out to be exactly what I expected.

Now coming back to the girl, she had terrific eyes lit by the bright mascara, hair that was smooth like a silk, had her beautiful legs covered in transparent stockings, with cute little pearl droplets as ear rings, a pearl necklace to cover her neckline, a kissable pout and a 34-28-36 stats to die for! I calmed down and waited for her to come and sit next to me.

“Son, If you don’t mind, can you please shift to this parallel seat. I have my daughter here whom I had met after many years. Can you please spare us sometime together?”

I was super sure about my answer to the lady until this happened,

“Please… If you don’t mind”

Wow… What would you do when a girl so stunning and gorgeous stand in front of you and talk to you so politely?

“Sure…You can have it…”

And to the horror, the seat which I was offered was next to guess who… Dhanan!  Malar and Dhanan had a hearty laugh for almost 45 minutes while I stuffed cotton in my ears… All the fun and frolic they had over me were compensated with a smile and the four words ‘thank you so much’ from the girl in the transparent stockings! And for the next 10 hours, it was the longest journey I ever had in my life to Amsterdam.

But I never stopped trying…

I spoke to the air hostess about the fire safety and emergency evacuation in case of fire or turbulence. She was all fine until I spoke about turbulence and emergency ejection. She called one of her male crew member to explain in detail and I never wanted that to happen…
By the time he came over I was clear with the concepts and said… “No thanks! I am very clear about the precautions…”

“I played a couple of English movies on the small screen while Malar leaned over me and slept. Dhanan was already snoring. The girl in the transparent stockings stood up and walked to the restroom, then ordered a cup of coffee, she slept, had an argument with her mom, she had food, then sneezed a couple of times, checked her lipstick and mascara, had a glimpse of the outer world from her window seat, watched a movie, she dozed off, took off to the rest room once again before the next course meal…

Overall I spent my entire time watching her and I was hardly bored.

We reached Amsterdam with close to 3 hours of transit time before our next flight to Los Angeles.

To be continued…