Paartha Nyabagam – Px11 – Malibu Beach

“So how is college life?”

“Going good”

“Are you always sober or still getting adjusted at the campus?”

She had a disturbed look on her face, “No…Nothing like that it’s just too troubling…Nothing…Will talk to you later”

“Hey…You got to know one thing in your life”

She stood there listening.

“I don’t know if you are comfortable sharing it with me or with anyone but the greatest gift of mankind is to share their worries and joys when they are down and out. You have been getting A’s in all the subjects yet you don’t talk to anyone in your room, you spend your weekends working at Subway but you hardly noticed that even I work at subway but in night shifts, you tend to say something when we are in the middle of the conversation or our evening walks down the campus lane yet you never say anything and you keep carrying this dairy of yours all the time. What exactly went wrong with your life? Is everything ok? Are you fine living here? Did you lose anyone you dearly loved or what exactly it is? You don’t have to speak to me but you need to share your thoughts with someone to feel lighter and better”

She was in tears yet she pulled a paper out of her bag, wrote something over it, placed it on my hand and walked away. I didn’t have a clue but I was sure that I did disturb her in some way. She was suffering and she had to be cured. I opened the letter and it read,

“Pick me up tomorrow evening at 3 and let’s go to Malibu beach for coffee”

I nodded in acceptance and walked back to my room…

The next day, I took Praveen’s car as it gave better mileage and drove straight to her home, picked her up and said,



“Nice dress…”

She smiled and I started to drive. The first 45 minutes was a silent movie.

Boy this girl is super sober, I murmured.

“Ok…I can’t keep quiet anymore. So you got to tell me, what exactly happened and then she started off the story after a long pause.”

Trust me…It was the longest, most boring, most frustrating and a complete hopeless story…All I heard during this entire trip goes like this…

School friend… Boyfriend… Missed me… I hated him… He hated me… (I thought myself… Now I hate you!)… Then fell in love with him… I fell for him when he helped an aged lady cross the road… his bad behaviour… his fight with my father… He found it difficult to adjust with my rules…. My college was poking fun at me… he was a jerk… he called me slut… I said hell with you… He said balls with me… He went crazy… I want him… I don’t have anyone… He quit… He still loves me… I don’t love him… I love him…

She went on and on and on and I never understood the reason why we had to drive all the way to Malibu beach to talk about this. I strongly felt we could have gone to a kindergarten class with a pile of tissues to wipe. I felt like I was tied down to a chair and made to watch Rahul Dravid bat for five days without blinking my eyes and the worst part was she didn’t stop it just during the 2 hour long drive, but even during the coffee we had from the coffee shop. Then almost when I was done drinking the coffee and we started walking along the beach…I decided that I had heard enough…

“You aren’t even listening to me and that’s exactly the reason why I don’t share it with anyone…”

It just seemed like she hasn’t spoken to anyone in the last 10 months and now she is letting go…Trust me…It was like listening to a kids story of blame game.

“No…Yes…Listen! Preethi…These are just common things which happen to every normal person. Not everyone gets married to their first love. You have to get along with your life. Life has to move on. You just can’t keep yourself this way. People would think you are crazy…”

“Thanks” she replied in an angry tone…

“Hey listen…You just can’t keep cribbing like this…You got to be absolutely stupid to keep thinking about something that has already ended…The world is full of new things. What’s new today turns into 1st generation to tomorrow’s world? Seriously speaking…Sorry to say this, but you suck! You just can’t be this way…”

“And I know why none of the guys even come and talk to me…” she sobbed.

“Whaa…What? Do I look like a girl?”

She just burst into laughter…

“Come on babe…Move on…Look at you…Any guy would love to fall for you, if you stopped being abstemious.

I would go head over heels for you, if you start being a chick like you were when I saw in Fisherman’s Cove…For god sake…No at least for my sake…please…please grow up dear!”

She gawked at me for a while and I didn’t have a clue whether she ever understood what I jabbered all this while…I always knew that I was worse at making people understand or even making feel better. Malar always cautioned me that I was pathetic when it comes to consoling people…Nevertheless, I tried to induce some guy talk…No…Let me call it a pep talk…

But she just remained silent for the rest of the time until we came back home…