Paartha Nyabagam – Px12 – Reversed Emotions

“Hey hero…What about dinner?”


“Taco Bell”


“And I need to talk to you something really important…”

There was a silence and then, “Ok…Sure”

We met at 2 PM and I discussed with him the prospect of visiting Niagara during the long weekend. He turned down the plan with an explanation that it was a boring trip to drive all the way to just get a glimpse of the falls and bunk three days of work.

Couple of days later, I came out with a fresh idea of Florida – Miami visit. He again gave me a reason for too much travel and no time to skip his part time working shifts.

With every passing day, I was getting really closer to Raam. I started to rely on him for everything. We went out for lunch together, studied together even though I knew that we were into completely different streams. I started to feel really close to him. I was falling for him but he never showed any signs of it. We would meet and I would hug him as I did every time since the time I had known him but he would react to it in a friendly pat without a change.

He looked very handsome but was a duffer, he knows to take control of a situation but when it comes to his own stuff, he sucked at it. He was cool about us going out, studying together but he never attempted to show any emotions towards me. He was a sucker for chivalry but always played down the boyfriend – girlfriend talks amongst his friends. He would hang around me for almost 10 – 12 hours every day yet he never felt anything for me.

I wanted to go out and this was the only way I could let him speak to me without any influence and even I could speak from my heart. I wanted him to be more than a friend, but I didn’t know what it was…

Here he comes, I murmured. Let me try for one last time whether he wants to go on a vacation during this long weekend…

“Hey…I want to give you a surprise”, he said

“What??? It was me who was supposed to give you one”, I whispered…

“What is it? You were saying something…”

“Nope…Nothing. Go on. What is it about?”

“Guess what…This weekend…Fill up the blanks…L _ S V E _ _ S

“No…No…You got to be kidding me…” I said in complete awe and excitement!

“What better place in this world than the sin city, Las Vegas…” I said to myself

“Fantastic…So Friday morning, 10 AM”

“Hail Hitler” I said, saluting him!

“Awesome!” he said and left…

Saturday Morning:
I was all set. I packed by backpack a day earlier of the travel. I couldn’t sleep the entire night, I woke up at 5 AM in the morning, took bath for more than 2 hours, got dressed in my cool jean Capri and a green spaghetti tank that he bought me from our Universal Studios trip last year, made sure that my hair was perfectly partitioned from the centre and loose… just the way he loves, took my cow boy hat and coolers which he got me from the Tennessee trip.

I looked at me in the mirror and felt for a moment that why exactly I am doing all this…I felt shy for a moment and then made lots of faces about how to greet him when I meet. This was the first time I felt something different for him. I stood staring at the mirror and the visuals of the wonderful moments between us flashed on the mirror like a movie…

I was in love…I fell for him…

The doorbell rang and I opened…He was there in his typical casual wear…

“Heyyyyy Princess…Someone’s looking hotter than ever”, he said

I smiled and gave him a hug…It was different for me…It was the usual one for him.

“Where’s your luggage mam?”

I pointed the location and asked him to lock the house. I walked towards the car and I saw someone sitting in the front seat…The window was lowered…I had a perplexed WTF look on my face.



Breathing heavily with the luggage in his hands, “Girls…Couldn’t introduce you both this long and I am extremely sorry for that…

Suman, this is Preethi…Preethi, this is Suman”

To be continued…