Unforgettable Tour – In memory of…

In memory of…

“Who are you? Why did you come into my life? Why did you make my life a beautiful one with your smile? Why did you take me into a new world which I have never experienced? And why did you leave me?” I was sitting beside her in the hospital and holding her hand. I stayed all day in the hospital.

The day the phone came from Meena was the worst day of my life. I could never forget that day. It was a blow on me. I never expected it. I was sitting under a tree and was crying the whole day until no water was left in me to come out. I felt as if I have lost everything in the world. I felt that the life has turned upside down. I started to Chennai that day.

Meena told me that Kavya fell off from a local train and had a serious head injury. She was in the hospital for two months. Her parents shifted their house near to the hospital. She was not allowed to move from the hospital bed for two months. After two months everyone thought that she was completely recovered. But after few days she has developed some major complications and was operated again. Now she is in coma. Doctors said that it would take days, months, and years for her to get out of coma.

I was sitting beside her in the hospital. The time when we spent together in Simla, the time we spent at Taj, the gifts she gave me, the time when I expressed my Love to her , my first apology to her, the chat we shared, the endless arguments about Sachin, the time when she first hugged me, the time when she consoled when I cried on the day of our departure, the stories we shared, the jokes we laughed at, the Tamil movie I saw with her, the Chennai streets, the letters, the emails… each and every hour, every minute and every second I spent with her will remain in my memory forever.

Her innocent face on the day I saw her carrying a heavy book and requesting me reduce the volume, her smile which always accompanied her, her anger when I teased her saying that she was not beautiful, her beautiful eyes which always carry some magic with them and her friendship which made this tour the most precious and unforgettable will remain in my heart forever.

I still feel her presence whenever I hear about Simla, whenever anyone talks about Taj Mahal, whenever I see the key chain she gifted me, whenever I hear of any Love Story. Whenever I am in sorrow I feel her wiping my tears and consoling me, whenever I achieve something I see her congratulating me, whenever I get depressed I see her encouraging me and whenever I am happy I see her sharing my happiness..

Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive. She came into my life and opened the doors of a new world. They say it takes a minute to find a special person, an hour to appreciate them, a day to love them, but then an entire life to forget them… It is completely true in my life.

She may be out of Coma while I am writing this, may be tomorrow, and may be after a week, or a month or it may take more than a year… But until then I am here waiting for her…. Ganesh Raam R

Unforgettable Tour – The Last Call…

The Last Call…

It’s been two months since I received any mail or call from Kavya. I tried to call her but the number she gave was no longer valid. I was desperately waiting for a mail or at least a letter or a call from her. I never waited for anything in my life so desperately… Not even for my exam results.

One day after few weeks she called me.

“Hi… It’s me”
“What happened to you? Where did you go? Are you alright? Is everything fine? Why did not you call me? Where were you all these days? What happened to the number you gave me?” I was asking all the questions which were disturbing my mind all these days.
“Wait… Wait… I am fine”
“What fine… I was really worried about you and you did not even bother to call me or reply to my mail”
“I am sorry… I am really sorry”
“What were you doing all these days?” I was not satisfied with her answer.
“I was just busy preparing for competitive exams. Anyway I am sorry and I promise you that this won’t repeat again”
“This is the first and last time” I said.
“I agree sir… By the way how is your GRE preparation going on?”
“Fine… Mugging all the words from Barron’s”
“Barron’s… what is that?”
“Barron’s is a book which contains word lists. It’s for those who are preparing for GRE and we need to mug all those words to get a good score”
“It sounds interesting”
“It may sound interesting but it’s a big head ache”

After that I told what I did all these two months, I told her the bet I had won a bet which I placed on Sachin’s Century. I told her that I was trying to learn Tamil and will talk to her in Tamil very soon. I also told her that I was trying to learn a two wheeler. She got worried and asked me no to try anything stupid.

“Now I will leave” She said after an hour.
“OK. But you did not tell me what happened to you number. I was trying but there was no response”
“Actually the phone got disconnected. I will give you a new number once we get a new one”


At that moment I never thought that it would be the last call from Kavya and I would never be able to talk her. My GRE preparation was going well. Also another achievement was that I learnt how to ride a cycle. Now I can balance a two wheeler on my own. I will be learning how to ride a bike soon and would be showing it to Kavya. “She will feel happy” I thought. But I was not able to see the coming tragedy.

After a few weeks Meena, Kavya’s friend called me.

“Hi… It’s Meena here”
“Hi… How are you? What’s the matter?”
“I just called you to inform you that Kavya…”
“What happened to her? Is she alright?” I interrupted. I did not understand why Meena called me instead of Kavya. I sensed trouble.
“Can you come to Chennai?”
“Why? What happened?”
“You don’t know what happened? We thought that she told you everything last time when she called you…”
“No… She did not say anything. She said that she was preparing for some competitive exams… That’s it. Tell me what happened”
“Please… I can’t say it in the phone. You will know all the details once you come to Chennai”
“Please tell me that Kavya is fine”
She did not answer.
“What happened? … Ask her to call me. You are hiding something from me… Please tell me” I shouted.
She told me what happened. I was shocked. I did not believe what she said. Now I understood why she did not call me or reply to my mail for two months.

“I am coming to Chennai… I want to see her”


“Nothing doing… I am starting tonight. I will be in Chennai by tomorrow morning”

I could not believe it. I could not take it. It was a big blow for me. I started for Chennai that night. I did not know how to face it. How happy I was till yesterday! All the happiness and all the dreams were shattered with one phone call. How am I going to face it? What am I going to do? Thoughts surrounded me from all directions.

But I don’t have answer to any of them…

Unforgettable Tour – Hyderabad meets Chennai…

Hyderabad meets Chennai…

The bus reached Delhi. Our flight to Hyderabad is next day early in the morning. Kavya left to Chennai immediately. I did not meet her again after reaching Delhi. I went to my room. I was unable to sleep all that night. I was thinking of her. I was thinking of our meeting, the tour and how all it happened. Now I am returning to Hyderabad with a great gift which I never expected before the start of the tour. I don’t know whether I am happy or not… But I was never the same after that trip. The next day we returned back to Hyderabad.

Days Passed by. India failed to make it to the Semi Finals in the world cup. India lost to Australia and New Zealand in the Super Six. The only thing that went good was winning over Pakistan. Australia won the world cup in a dramatic way. Hats off to Steve Waugh!!!

Weeks passed by. The Kargil war started. We saw some hundreds of army trucks and vans passing us on the way to Rothang Pass. We wondered where they were going. It made sense now. They were all heading to the Kargil war.

Months passed by. Kavya used to call me once or twice a month but most of the time we used to chat online. My internet bill has gone up. Most of my pocket money went on the net. Now I spend less time with my friends and most of the time on the net. I never told my story to my friends for the fear of becoming a laughing stock for others!

Years passed by. I went to Chennai five times until now. The Marina Beach which is stretched over 13 Kms – the second longest beach of Asia, the Kapaleeswarar Temple – one of the oldest temples of Chennai, Guindy National Park, The Elliot Beach, Anna Zoological Park, and Santhome Cathedral always used to be our places for outing in Chennai.

I was trying to learn Tamil but it’s not such an easy language to learn. She introduced me to her friends Meena, Sravani, Saritha. She showed me her collection of key chains. Boy!!! She has got some thousands of key chains. She also showed me a Rajnikanth movie ‘Padayappa’. She was a great fan of Rajnikanth.

Last time when I went to Chennai she showed me her two-wheeler that she bought recently. She asked me to ride on it.

“How is it?” She asked.
“It’s nice. I know you. You have got an excellent taste…”
“Hey… Thanks. Come…. Have a test ride…”
“I am sorry… I don’t know how to ride a two wheeler…”
“What… You don’t know how to ride a two wheeler” She was laughing at me. God!!! She looks really beautiful when she smiles or laughs.
“Actually… I tried once but could not make it… But you know I know how to ride a four wheeler…” I said taking pride in my voice.
“This is surprising… Anyway today I will teach you how to ride a two wheeler…”

My two wheeler lessons have started. I tried to balance the scooter but failed. It took 3 hours for me to learn how to balance it. Later I tried to drive it for a short distance but failed and had a minor fracture to my middle finger.

“I am sorry” She said while I was going back to Hyderabad.
“You came here from Hyderabad. But because of me you got your finger fractured. I am stupid girl”
“But I love this stupid girl” I said.
“Shut up and take care… I will call you next week and don’t try any experiments on two wheelers. I was just kidding”

But I decided to learn a two wheeler for her.

She came to Hyderabad once. Hyderabad – The City of Sultans welcomed her with all its beauty. The vast roads, the fly overs, the Charminar, the Necklace Road, the Tank Bund, The Birla Mandir, The Golconda Fort, The Salarjung Museum. Hyderabad stands high with its 400 years of history and pride.

I took revenge on her by showing her a Telugu movie starring Chiranjeevi. And she promised me that she will never show me a Tamil movie. The Hyderabadi Biryani became one of her favorite dish apart from her regular Idli-Wada-Sambar.

I came into my final year. I was preparing for GRE as most of the final years do. I was also thinking of doing my project in Chennai.

It was all going well until…

Unforgettable Tour – The Last Day of the tour…

The Last Day of the tour…

I never expected that this tour will remain forever in my memory when I started. Now Today I never wanted it to end. That day was the last day of our tour. The day I thought must never come but…

I woke up from the sleep when I heard a knock on the door. I got up and opened the door. I saw an Angel. I saw Kavya. She was very beautiful. She wore a traditional dress. I never thought that she can be that good. But that day she was really really gorgeous.

“Wow… You look so GREAT” I said.
“Hey… Thanks”
“What’s the matter? Is it your Birthday?”
“Nope… Today is the last day of our tour and I thought to make it special”
The Last day of our tour… This made me sick.
“And today we are also going to visit Agra and the Taj Mahal” She reminded.
I did not answer.
“Hey… What are you thinking?” She asked.
“Are you still sleeping?”
“Yes…No. Yesterday I was watching the re-telecast of the match between India and Kenya… You know Sachin scored a century. What a commitment this man has got. He came back from his father’s funeral and scored a century. He is really the best of the best”
“OK.. OK… You will forget the world if Sachin is with you. Now get ready”
“OK.. I will be back in 10 minute”
“No… Take one hour time but make it special.. See yourself how you are”
“Why? What happened to me?”
“You are not looking good. I don’t know what you will do. But you must look special today. I will wait for you in the reception downstairs”

She left giving me the orders. It took nearly more than an hour to change myself completely. I went downstairs and she was waiting for me in the reception.

“Hmmm… Not Bad… You too look handsome sometimes…”
“Sometimes… What do you mean sometimes?”
“Shut up and come. I am feeling hungry. Let’s have something before the bus moves”

After sometime we are in the bus. It’s nearly a 4 hour journey from Delhi to Agra.
She took my hand in her hand and said… “Today is our last day. You are not leaving me today…”
I did not speak. I have nothing to say. I don’t have any words left with me. I found the answer to the question I was thinking of.

We reached Agra after a 4 hour journey and in few minutes we were in front of Taj Mahal.

TAJ MAHAL – The greatest monument which has attracted millions of tourists from all over the world to India to get glimpse of it. Now I understood why it has become famous and why it is trying to get a place in the Seven Wonders of the World. Note my point the Taj Mahal looks hundred times beautiful than in the photos you see. The great moments I spent near the Taj watching its beauty are the most exciting and unforgettable ones in my life.

I bought a Teddy Bear with ‘I LOVE YOU’ written on it. I thought of giving it to Kavya and expressing my Love towards her. Boy…It’s not as easy as they show in movies to say ‘I LOVE YOU’ to a girl. My Heart beat has gone up. Now I can hear my heart beating and tremendous speed. I felt very tense. I did not feel this much tense even when I was about see my exam results. I slowly approached her. My hands and legs were shaking. I placed my gift in her hands and waited… I stopped breathing for a second…I could not speak… The words were not coming out… slowly I said

“I LOVE YOU” and I turned back immediately.

5 minutes… 10 minutes… 15 minutes. I did not get any response. I slowly turned back again to face her.

She was standing there looking at me and smiling.

“At last…You have said it…” She said and took my hand in her hand.
“You have grown from a kid to a man… You Dumbo…” She gave me a friendly punch.

All my tension and nervousness started to disappear.

“I LOVE YOU” She said… “And I was waiting for this from your side since two days… You are late but at last you made it”

You can never imagine the feeling or joy when a girl accepts your Love. You can’t describe it. You have to experience it. It’s like you have conquered the whole world. And that day at that moment I was on the top of the world. There are no words to describe it. Those are the moments one can never forget in life.

We both sat on a bench watching the great monument. She was still holding my hand. I don’t know how much time we spent sitting there.

“Let’s go…” She said after sometime “Its time to leave”
Now I could not control myself. I started crying.
“I don’t want to leave you” I was crying like a baby.
“Please don’t cry…” She said giving her hand kerchief.
“Come near me…” She said.
She hugged me and gave a kiss on the forehead.
She took my hand in her hand and said “We will be in touch…”
I wiped off my tears.
“Sorry… I became a bit emotional”
She did not speak but I saw tears rolling down her cheek.

We left the place and went into the bus. It’s the toughest journey of my life. I never wanted the bus to reach the destination. I never wanted to leave her hand. But the bus silently moved towards Delhi.

Unforgettable Tour – A Question with no Answer…

A Question with no Answer…

After a great stay at Manali, we started to Chandigarh in the Evening. The three day stay at Manali was unforgettable. The Snow Mountains, the river view, the chilling weather made us stay altogether in a different world.

We got into the bus and this time I offered her the window seat. She requested for the window seat when we were in Simla. Now I offered her the window seat though she did not ask me. But to my surprise she simply sat in her own place.

The bus reached Chandigarh the next day early in the morning. She was sleeping happily occupying half of my seat and leaning over my arm as usual. We moved to the hotel. We have got two hours time. We will be visiting the much heard Rock Garden of Chandigarh today and will be leaving for Delhi in the evening.

The Rock garden was marvelous. The entire garden was built of Industrial and Urban Waste. I don’t think you can find anything like this in the entire world. This is a unique blend of art and talent.

I bought a small piece of mermaid made of glass and other stuff. I thought of giving this as a gift to Kavya. She usually gives lots of gifts to me but I never give any gifts. I don’t know why but I never give gifts to anyone. But she bought another one of the same type to give it to me as a gift.

“Let’s exchange the things we bought. Give me that mermaid to me and take mine” She said. I gave the one I bought to her. She placed her gift in my hands. She did not leave my hand. Small drops of tears from her eyes fell on my hand. I did not know what to do. Then she hugged me and whispered in my ears…

“Thank you for the gift. It’s really good. This is special for me. This is the one I got from the person I Love the most”

I did not understand for a while what happened. I just did not understand. I just stood there for a while. What is this? What is this rapport between us? We are two strangers a few days ago… but now… I don’t know. What is this called? Is this called ‘Love’? Am I in Love with her? I don’t know. I don’t have answer to this question… but something somewhere deep in my heart says that I am in Love with her. But I could not agree. It’s hardly a week before we met each other. But again the thought of leaving her makes me sick. Why is it so? It’s a conflict between my mind and my heart. It’s a question I could not answer…

That evening we left Chandigarh for Delhi.

“Come on get up”

I heard Kavya waking me the next day morning in the bus. We are in Delhi.

“I did not know the time. How come we are in Delhi so soon?” I asked.
She did not reply. I know what she is thinking. I could guess what is going on in her mind especially after I saw tears in her eyes.
“I never thought that this tour would end this soon…” I said.
“Yes… In fact I never wanted this to end. This was the greatest tour of my life”
“By the way what are your plans today?” I asked her. I wanted to divert the topic. The thought that the tour is coming to an end is making me emotional.
“Nothing…I was just shopping in Delhi.” She sighed.

The bus came to the hotel and stopped. It was the same hotel where we met a few days ago.
“Do you remember our first meeting?” She asked.

I did not reply. I have no words left. We are back in Delhi. We are back in the same hotel where we have started but this time with a lot of Unforgettable experiences and memories. Kavya went to shopping. I did not want to go. I want to be alone. There are many questions I need to answer to myself.

The next day would be the last day of our tour. We would be visiting Agra the next day and that would be the last destination in our tour. I would be leaving Kavya.

“I don’t have time left” I thought. “Only a few hours to go and I will be leaving Kavya”

Unforgettable Tour – I Love You

I Love You

Next day we went to see Rothang Pass. It’s a snow mountain nearby. It’s a famous tourist place and I felt very exciting. On the way the bus stopped before a shop which has woolen coats, boots and all other winter stuff. The guide asked us to wear all the stuff as it will be very cold there.

On the way we saw some hundreds of military trucks and vans going past us. I wondered where this hundreds of trucks were going. The beautiful view of the valleys, the ghats, and the approaching snow mountains all along the way makes your journey the best one in your life.

We reached Rothang Pass by around 12:00 noon. But the weather there will not let you know the time. It’s severely cold there. The temperature must be below 0 Degrees. There is snow everywhere. I saw snow and snow mountains many times in movies but never in real life. The experience was really marvelous.

“A hot chocolate shake would be great in this cold weather” I thought.
“Come on let’s go and have some coffee” She said as if she has read my mind.

There are some hotels there to serve the tourists. We went inside a hotel. She ordered two hot coffees. Drinking hot coffee in such a cold weather… God I am feeling great.

We made snow balls, had a small experience of skating. I thought how nice it would be if the time stops and we remain with each other with nothing in the world to worry about. Suddenly it began to snow. The small droplets of snow falling from the sky and making everything in the world white makes you feel that you are in heaven.

Suddenly I remembered that I promised her a gift. Boy!! What an occasion… You are on the top of the world with white snow everywhere. You will not get a better occasion than this. But there were no shops nearby to buy anything except for a flower shop.

I went to the flower shop. There are roses everywhere. The roses are so beautiful that I got lost in them. I bought a bunch of red roses.

She was busy trying to make a snowman.

“What are you doing…?” I asked.
“Just trying to make a snowman”
“Just close your eyes… I bought a present for you” I said hiding the roses behind me
“Wow… That’s nice” She closed her eyes.
“Try to guess…”
“Let me try…” She thought for a while. “Actually.. I never expected a present from you… Anyway what’s it?”
I slowly took the roses and placed them in her hand.
“Wow.. Beautiful roses” She looked at me for a while
“What happened?” I asked.
“Do you know what Red Roses mean..?”
“I don’t know… Just thought they are beautiful…Why.. What happened?”
“You Dumb…” She said.
“What happened..?”
“Leave it…”
I didn’t know what’s wrong with her.

Next day morning she bought me a gift. It’s again a beautiful key chain. It’s made of glass in the shape of a Heart symbol, inside that Glass there is a small picture of a Girl and a boy dancing.

“Wow this is so beautiful” I said “Where do you find all these key chains?”
“I collect key chains… That’s my hobby”
“Really interesting … I never heard of anyone who is having a hobby of collecting key chains”
“Keep this one safe with you. This is one of my favorite key chains”
“Oh Sure” I said.
She took my hand in her hand and said “Promise me”
“Yup… I promise you. I will keep it safe with me”

I saw something in her eyes. I can’t say what I saw but something deep in my heart responded to her feeling. I don’t know what this magic is. Am I becoming emotional? Am I reacting too much? What is this called? I never in my life had such a feeling.

On the next day we went to a place where there are natural hot water springs. I was surprised by the hot water directly coming from inside the earth. People there use these hot water springs for cooking. I never heard of such a thing before. The advantage of such tours is that you will get to know more and more things.

Coming to world cup India has not won a single match until now. Sachin being ruled out of the world cup it became tougher for India. On the other end New Zealand has won in the encounter with Australia.

Now it was time for us to move from Manali to Chandigarh. We have another three days of tour left. I felt very sad that it’s coming to an end. I felt sad that the time to leave Kavya is coming soon. Now something inside me was telling not to leave her. But Life is what happens to you when you are making other plans.

Unforgettable Tour – Sachin:India:Zimbabwe

Sachin – India – Zimbabwe

The distance between Simla and Manali is around 250 Kms. The Bus started in Simla at night. We would be reaching Manali by 10:00 AM. The guide told us we will be seeing some snow mountains in Manali. Now I am really excited.

We reached Manali at 12:00 noon. The guide told us that we will be taking rest that day as it is too late to go any where and we will be moving to Rothang Pass, a nearby snow mountain the next day. As usual I got a room for myself without having to share it with anyone. The scenic view from my room is absolutely marvelous. There is a small river flowing just in front of the hotel and I can see the Snow Mountains standing high with pride from the balcony of my room.

“I just can’t wait to reach there” I thought seeing those mountains.

And that was the day of the second encounter of India in the world cup. India was playing against Zimbabwe.

“Sachin is going to show the magic today” I thought and switched on the TV.

Then I heard something I could not believe. Sachin is not playing in today’s match. Sachin’s father expired and Sachin returned to Mumbai to attend his father’s funeral. India is going to face Zimbabwe without Sachin.

What shocking news!!! I felt really bad. I lost interest in the match. I felt very sorry for Sachin. In fact I felt very sorry for the Indian team. The Indian team was proceeding in the world cup without their best player. Nothing can be worse than this. India has still a long way to go in this world cup but Sachin being ruled out of this world cup its seems impossible for India now to enter even Super Six. I think the Captain Azhar might be feeling pressure now.

Someone knocked my door. Now I know who it is. We have made a secret code for ourselves. She would knock thrice… wait for a second… twice… wait for a second and once and it indicates that it’s her. Then if no one is there in my room I would say “Come in” and if someone is present in my room I say “Who is that?”

“Come in” I said.
She came in. She spends most of the time with me now days. Her room mate might be wondering where this girl goes all the time.
“What happened? You look so depressed” She asked.
I told the news.
“Not good news at all…”
“Yup… Today I thought I have an entire day to see the match. But…”
“What… You are going to spend your entire day sitting before that TV”
“What do you think…? Today it is India’s second match with Zimbabwe and it is world cup” I said putting pressure on the words India and World cup.
“So what… Anyway India is going to win this match. It’s Zimbabwe. India can easily go through this. Let’s go out”
“OK… I’ll come with you if India is not going to bat first. By the way what are your plans?”
“Nothing… Just like that… Let’s go and see the nearby places”
“OK…. But we have got one more hour to go for the toss… Let’s go after the toss”

After one hour we left the room as Zimbabwe started to bat. She promised me that we would come back by the time India starts its batting. Manali – The city located under the backdrop of beautiful mountains is a must see place for tourists. The view of the mountains and the mesmerizing beauty makes you forget the world.

We bought some junk food to eat while watching the match. She bought a pair of playing cards. She taught me how to play cards while I was busy watching the thriller between India and Zimbabwe. We played a few games and she won all of them. Now the match has become interesting. What a match it was… India came very close to the victory but Olonga stood between India and the victory. Still having 5 overs to go and 3 more runs to win India lost its final wicket in the form of Venkatesh Prasad who was dismissed for a beautiful delivery from Olonga.

India lost its first two matches. And Sachin being ruled out of the tournament there is no hope for India. That day was really bad. She went back to her room after the match. I went to sleep thinking of Rothang Pass, Snow Mountains that we are going to visit tomorrow praying for some miracle to happen so that India could get through this world cup.

Unforgettable Tour – I am Sorry

I am Sorry

It’s another marvelous day at Simla. It became a habit for me and Kavya to meet at the breakfast and have a walk to the nearby places until the bus starts. The bus started at 11:00 in the morning. Though its 11:00 it’s pretty cold outside. I wondered how it would be in winter if it’s chilling at 11:00 in the mid summer. The guide told us that we are going to watch a nearby place in Simla where we can see some beautiful valleys, have some horse riding etc.

“Can you give me the window seat?” She asked.
“No way…” I said. “I never gave my window seat to anyone in my life time”
She was disappointed.
“What’s so surprising in it?” I asked.
“When a beautiful girl asks you something you are not even caring about it”
“Did I miss anything? I did not see any beautiful girl asking me anything…”

She gave me a punch. Boy she was really strong.

I was immersed in my own world with my walkman and enjoying the beauty of the nature. She was talking to her roommate Swati who sat behind us. I know that she was angry with me. After we reached the place she went off with her new friend Swati.

It’s again another place with nature doing magic with its beauty and making feast to your eyes. Horse riding over the hill was a marvelous experience. The place where we went was so high above the sea level that we can feel the clouds passing through us touching our body. I bought some apples. Those were fresh apples plucked from the jungles over the hills and were very tasty. I never got that taste in the apples that we buy here.

After a few hours we got back into the bus.

“So how was the trip?” I asked.
She did not answer.
“What happened?”
“OK… I am sorry… You are beautiful. I was just kidding. Now don’t be angry with me…”

She just smiled. She looks really beautiful when she smiles.

“By the way where did you go yesterday night when I came to your room” She asked.
“I was in the room. I was tired yesterday and was sleeping”
“OK… “

And she started her as usual non stop talk about all the things in the world which are completely unrelated to us. I don’t understand how one can speak completely useless things continuously and yet make them look interesting. Yes… You will never get bored talking to her. She makes even most trivial things in the world interesting.

It was 6:00 in the evening by the time the bus reached the hotel. She came to my room at 9:30 while I was watching the highlights of the match between West Indies and Pakistan.

“Let’s go for dinner” She said coming into my room.
“I had my dinner with my parents. What are you doing until now?”
“Nothing…I was just trying to complete my novel. Come let’s go”
“No… You see I am busy watching something. You go…”
“Shut up and just come. I am not going alone”

I don’t have any option. Yes I have an option but again I am not at all interested in saying sorry again. We went to the restaurant nearby.

“Are you going to sit here like that” She asked.
“What am I supposed to do?”
“Just order something for yourself. It looks awkward if you are sitting there idly and staring at me while I am eating”
“What shall I order? I just had my Dinner”
“Order some Ice Cream for both of us”
“Ice Cream… Its damn cold here and you want to order an Ice cream!!!”

But she did not listen. She called the waiter and ordered Ice cream for both of us. She is such a kind of girl that if she wants to do something she will do it. She will not wait for you. After that we went back. Now the highlights are over and Pakistan won the match.

The next day we did a little bit of shopping and had another great day in the tour. By this time we became good friends.

She bought a gift for me. It’s a Key chain with my name beautifully carved on it.
“Thanks” I said. “But I am sorry… I did not buy you any gift”
“It’s OK”

I felt guilty and next time whenever I went to shopping I thought of buying something for her. But that next time did not come. Whenever we went for shopping I used to forget to bring a gift for her.

Now after spending 3 days in Simla it was time to move from Simla to our next point Kulu-Manali. Simla had been a great experience. Now I am waiting for our holiday in Manali.

Unforgettable Tour – Simla: The Queen of hills

Simla: The Queen of hills

Simla, the city of hills and the Capital city of Himachal Pradesh always has a special mention in the Indian History of tourism. The splendid hills, the chilling weather, the scenic variety… One can’t describe the beauty of it.

The Great Simla welcomed us with a cold breeze even in the mid summer. I woke up lazily. The bus is moving slowly and it is now reaching the hotel. I could see the deep valley and the floating clouds which are very much parallel to us now through the window. I wondered how high above the sea level we are. I could see small houses deep in the valley. There are boards here and there indicating the danger points. It’s now 8’O clock in the morning. I felt a little bit shivering inside me.

‘Its a bit cold here’ I thought. Some people forget themselves while they were sleeping. Kavya comes under the same category. She was sleeping happily occupying half of my seat and leaning over my arm. I thought of waking her up. But the guide in our bus took that duty. He started announcing that we have reached Simla and will be reaching the hotel very shortly.

She got up and saw herself leaning on my arm. She immediately took her head off.

“I am sorry” She said. “I was in a deep sleep and did not notice it…”
“Its OK” I said without looking at her. I was enjoying the scenic beauty of Simla. It’s really very beautiful out there. The valleys covered with greenery are making a feast to my eyes.

The bus reached the hotel. The guide gave us three hours time to get ready ourselves. The ‘Southern Travels’ – It is the one which has arranged the tourist package. They have a procedure. They gave a single room with a double bed for every two persons in the family. And if a family has odd number of people, the room would be shared with another person from another family with odd number of people. As we are three of us in the family my parents got a separate room. Now I need to share the room with someone. Fortunately the total number of people on the tour was odd. I am the last person to get allotted to a room and I got a room all for myself as there was no one left to share the room with me. I went into the room. I have got three hours time. I thought of sleeping for a while.

I don’t know how long I slept. Someone was knocking my door. I opened the door. Mom was standing there. She told me to get ready soon as they were going for breakfast and were waiting for me. I asked them to carry on and told them that I will meet them at the bus. I tried to sleep again but again there was someone knocking the door. I got up and opened the door. It was Kavya. I don’t know how she managed to find my room.

“Hi… Are you sleeping???”
“Oh! Sorry… I’ll come later” She said.
“It’s OK” I said.
She has already disturbed my sleep. There is no point in coming back and disturbing once again.
“Just come in” I said “By the way what are you doing here?”
“Just feeling bored…”
“What about your classical novel” I said winking at her.
“No… It’s getting bored. The beginning was interesting but eventually it’s getting bored”
“I know… I know… All these classical novels are of the same type” I said. My observation has been always correct in this regard.
“Shut up…’ she said.
“Go… Get ready… I am feeling hungry. Let’s go for a breakfast” She ordered.

It took half an hour for me to get ready. Later we came out of the hotel. The great view of Simla took off my early laziness. From the point where the hotel is situated the scenic view of Simla city is fabulous. There are hills covered with greenery all over.

We have still some time to get into the bus. So we thought of seeing the nearby areas around our hotel. Its 10:30 but still it looks like early morning.

We talked about lot of things from movies to music, Cricket to Caroms all along the way enjoying the beautiful and marvelous nature around us. We reached just in time before the bus started.

It’s an hour ride from Simla to the place where we were going. The place was so beautiful that I could not wait any longer to take as many pictures as I can with my camera. The beautiful valleys, the long trees that covered the valleys, the rope way, the special chat that I ate at the shop nearby, everything is so great that even now I can remember each moment I had spent there.

It was 7:00 in the evening by the time we returned back to Simla. I was too tired to go for dinner. I went to the room and took rest for the rest of the day.

Unforgettable Tour – On the Way to Simla

On the Way to Simla

Early to Bed and Early to Rise – I am not that kind of person. I like late nights and late mornings.

The next day I woke up at 10’O Clock. That day was the first match for India in the World Cup 1999. South Africa won the match chasing the Indian total of some 250+. I was really disappointed. India lost its first match in the WC 1999.

In the evening we packed our luggage and moved on to begin our tour. The first halt would be Simla. The bus starts at 5:30 from Delhi and reaches Simla by 7:00 the next day morning. I got a window seat. I always liked traveling. I thought of having a window seat while traveling would be nice especially when you are on a sight seeing tour. I settled down in my seat with my walkman and a few Audio cassettes.

“Hi…” I heard a voice calling me. I took off the headphones. It was she whom I met yesterday night. She was sitting beside me.
“Hi…” She said again.
“Hi…” I said. I wondered what she was doing here.
“I am Kavya…” She Said.
Kavya – I never heard that name before. I just thought what the meaning of that name would be.
“Hello…” She waved her hand towards me.
“Yeah… I am Ganesh” I said. Then I saw that she was carrying a book. Now I became very curious about the book.
“Sorry…” She said.
“For What”
“Yesterday I knocked your door and asked you to reduce the volume. I am sorry for that” She said looking at me.
“Hmmm… It’s OK” I said. “By the way what were you studying at that time over there…? Preparing for any exams”
“No” She answered. “I was just trying to read this novel”
She showed me the fat book which she was carrying in her hand.

“A Novel…” I thought. “And she asked me to reduce the volume for concentrating herself on a stupid novel.”

I took the book from her hands. It was one of those classic novels. I don’t like the word ‘Classic’ when it comes to novels. “Now…” I thought “one needs lot of concentration and patience to read these so called classic novels”

Coming to novels and books my taste is completely different. I like fiction, Suspense thriller novels. I feel that one needs a lot of patience for reading those classic novels. And I don’t want to waste all my patience on such novels. There are more things in this world to apply your patience at.

I returned back her book and she went into her own so called classical world. Now the bus has reached the outskirts of Delhi. Now the guide of our tour stood up and explained the details of our tour. After that they started showing some movie. I wondered what she would do now, go and ask the guy out there to stop the movie.

“Now… Go and ask the guy to reduce the volume or switch off the TV… Will you???” I said winking at her.
She laughed and closed the book as she could not read the book now. Now even the lights are put off.
“So what do you do??” She asked.
“I am doing my engineering first years in computers” I said taking pride in my voice.
“That’s not bad. I am doing B.Com… By the way what were you watching yesterday night with that much volume on your TV?”
“Yeah… Nothing Big… Just watching the match between England and Sri Lanka”
“Oh… Do you watch Cricket??”
“Yup… I Love Cricket and don’t you watch Cricket”
“I just see matches in which India plays. I like Azhar, the captain of India”
“I like Sachin Tendulkar. You know I am always proud to be a great fan of him”
“What’s so special about him? I think it’s the media which is making more hype of him…”
“Just shut up” I said.

I become mad whenever anyone questions the capability of Sachin.

“Oh Sorry…” I said realizing the rudeness in my voice. Now I have decided to tell her the greatness of Sachin. I wanted to prove her wrong. And I started telling her about Sachin Tendulkar, his greatness, his commitment, his attitude, his character, his influence on Indian team, how he inspires others and so on. I was telling about Sachin Tendulkar to her all night until she fell asleep. Maybe I went too far…

The bus was moving towards Simla. I was still thinking of Sachin. I planned to talk more about him and prove to her that Sachin deserves all the Laurels and appreciations coming on his way. “This world cup is going to prove what Sachin is…” I thought. I don’t know when I went to sleep.

But when I opened my eyes, we were in Simla…