Unforgettable Tour – A Question with no Answer…

A Question with no Answer…

After a great stay at Manali, we started to Chandigarh in the Evening. The three day stay at Manali was unforgettable. The Snow Mountains, the river view, the chilling weather made us stay altogether in a different world.

We got into the bus and this time I offered her the window seat. She requested for the window seat when we were in Simla. Now I offered her the window seat though she did not ask me. But to my surprise she simply sat in her own place.

The bus reached Chandigarh the next day early in the morning. She was sleeping happily occupying half of my seat and leaning over my arm as usual. We moved to the hotel. We have got two hours time. We will be visiting the much heard Rock Garden of Chandigarh today and will be leaving for Delhi in the evening.

The Rock garden was marvelous. The entire garden was built of Industrial and Urban Waste. I don’t think you can find anything like this in the entire world. This is a unique blend of art and talent.

I bought a small piece of mermaid made of glass and other stuff. I thought of giving this as a gift to Kavya. She usually gives lots of gifts to me but I never give any gifts. I don’t know why but I never give gifts to anyone. But she bought another one of the same type to give it to me as a gift.

“Let’s exchange the things we bought. Give me that mermaid to me and take mine” She said. I gave the one I bought to her. She placed her gift in my hands. She did not leave my hand. Small drops of tears from her eyes fell on my hand. I did not know what to do. Then she hugged me and whispered in my ears…

“Thank you for the gift. It’s really good. This is special for me. This is the one I got from the person I Love the most”

I did not understand for a while what happened. I just did not understand. I just stood there for a while. What is this? What is this rapport between us? We are two strangers a few days ago… but now… I don’t know. What is this called? Is this called ‘Love’? Am I in Love with her? I don’t know. I don’t have answer to this question… but something somewhere deep in my heart says that I am in Love with her. But I could not agree. It’s hardly a week before we met each other. But again the thought of leaving her makes me sick. Why is it so? It’s a conflict between my mind and my heart. It’s a question I could not answer…

That evening we left Chandigarh for Delhi.

“Come on get up”

I heard Kavya waking me the next day morning in the bus. We are in Delhi.

“I did not know the time. How come we are in Delhi so soon?” I asked.
She did not reply. I know what she is thinking. I could guess what is going on in her mind especially after I saw tears in her eyes.
“I never thought that this tour would end this soon…” I said.
“Yes… In fact I never wanted this to end. This was the greatest tour of my life”
“By the way what are your plans today?” I asked her. I wanted to divert the topic. The thought that the tour is coming to an end is making me emotional.
“Nothing…I was just shopping in Delhi.” She sighed.

The bus came to the hotel and stopped. It was the same hotel where we met a few days ago.
“Do you remember our first meeting?” She asked.

I did not reply. I have no words left. We are back in Delhi. We are back in the same hotel where we have started but this time with a lot of Unforgettable experiences and memories. Kavya went to shopping. I did not want to go. I want to be alone. There are many questions I need to answer to myself.

The next day would be the last day of our tour. We would be visiting Agra the next day and that would be the last destination in our tour. I would be leaving Kavya.

“I don’t have time left” I thought. “Only a few hours to go and I will be leaving Kavya”