Unforgettable Tour – The Last Day of the tour…

The Last Day of the tour…

I never expected that this tour will remain forever in my memory when I started. Now Today I never wanted it to end. That day was the last day of our tour. The day I thought must never come but…

I woke up from the sleep when I heard a knock on the door. I got up and opened the door. I saw an Angel. I saw Kavya. She was very beautiful. She wore a traditional dress. I never thought that she can be that good. But that day she was really really gorgeous.

“Wow… You look so GREAT” I said.
“Hey… Thanks”
“What’s the matter? Is it your Birthday?”
“Nope… Today is the last day of our tour and I thought to make it special”
The Last day of our tour… This made me sick.
“And today we are also going to visit Agra and the Taj Mahal” She reminded.
I did not answer.
“Hey… What are you thinking?” She asked.
“Are you still sleeping?”
“Yes…No. Yesterday I was watching the re-telecast of the match between India and Kenya… You know Sachin scored a century. What a commitment this man has got. He came back from his father’s funeral and scored a century. He is really the best of the best”
“OK.. OK… You will forget the world if Sachin is with you. Now get ready”
“OK.. I will be back in 10 minute”
“No… Take one hour time but make it special.. See yourself how you are”
“Why? What happened to me?”
“You are not looking good. I don’t know what you will do. But you must look special today. I will wait for you in the reception downstairs”

She left giving me the orders. It took nearly more than an hour to change myself completely. I went downstairs and she was waiting for me in the reception.

“Hmmm… Not Bad… You too look handsome sometimes…”
“Sometimes… What do you mean sometimes?”
“Shut up and come. I am feeling hungry. Let’s have something before the bus moves”

After sometime we are in the bus. It’s nearly a 4 hour journey from Delhi to Agra.
She took my hand in her hand and said… “Today is our last day. You are not leaving me today…”
I did not speak. I have nothing to say. I don’t have any words left with me. I found the answer to the question I was thinking of.

We reached Agra after a 4 hour journey and in few minutes we were in front of Taj Mahal.

TAJ MAHAL – The greatest monument which has attracted millions of tourists from all over the world to India to get glimpse of it. Now I understood why it has become famous and why it is trying to get a place in the Seven Wonders of the World. Note my point the Taj Mahal looks hundred times beautiful than in the photos you see. The great moments I spent near the Taj watching its beauty are the most exciting and unforgettable ones in my life.

I bought a Teddy Bear with ‘I LOVE YOU’ written on it. I thought of giving it to Kavya and expressing my Love towards her. Boy…It’s not as easy as they show in movies to say ‘I LOVE YOU’ to a girl. My Heart beat has gone up. Now I can hear my heart beating and tremendous speed. I felt very tense. I did not feel this much tense even when I was about see my exam results. I slowly approached her. My hands and legs were shaking. I placed my gift in her hands and waited… I stopped breathing for a second…I could not speak… The words were not coming out… slowly I said

“I LOVE YOU” and I turned back immediately.

5 minutes… 10 minutes… 15 minutes. I did not get any response. I slowly turned back again to face her.

She was standing there looking at me and smiling.

“At last…You have said it…” She said and took my hand in her hand.
“You have grown from a kid to a man… You Dumbo…” She gave me a friendly punch.

All my tension and nervousness started to disappear.

“I LOVE YOU” She said… “And I was waiting for this from your side since two days… You are late but at last you made it”

You can never imagine the feeling or joy when a girl accepts your Love. You can’t describe it. You have to experience it. It’s like you have conquered the whole world. And that day at that moment I was on the top of the world. There are no words to describe it. Those are the moments one can never forget in life.

We both sat on a bench watching the great monument. She was still holding my hand. I don’t know how much time we spent sitting there.

“Let’s go…” She said after sometime “Its time to leave”
Now I could not control myself. I started crying.
“I don’t want to leave you” I was crying like a baby.
“Please don’t cry…” She said giving her hand kerchief.
“Come near me…” She said.
She hugged me and gave a kiss on the forehead.
She took my hand in her hand and said “We will be in touch…”
I wiped off my tears.
“Sorry… I became a bit emotional”
She did not speak but I saw tears rolling down her cheek.

We left the place and went into the bus. It’s the toughest journey of my life. I never wanted the bus to reach the destination. I never wanted to leave her hand. But the bus silently moved towards Delhi.