Unforgettable Tour – In memory of…

In memory of…

“Who are you? Why did you come into my life? Why did you make my life a beautiful one with your smile? Why did you take me into a new world which I have never experienced? And why did you leave me?” I was sitting beside her in the hospital and holding her hand. I stayed all day in the hospital.

The day the phone came from Meena was the worst day of my life. I could never forget that day. It was a blow on me. I never expected it. I was sitting under a tree and was crying the whole day until no water was left in me to come out. I felt as if I have lost everything in the world. I felt that the life has turned upside down. I started to Chennai that day.

Meena told me that Kavya fell off from a local train and had a serious head injury. She was in the hospital for two months. Her parents shifted their house near to the hospital. She was not allowed to move from the hospital bed for two months. After two months everyone thought that she was completely recovered. But after few days she has developed some major complications and was operated again. Now she is in coma. Doctors said that it would take days, months, and years for her to get out of coma.

I was sitting beside her in the hospital. The time when we spent together in Simla, the time we spent at Taj, the gifts she gave me, the time when I expressed my Love to her , my first apology to her, the chat we shared, the endless arguments about Sachin, the time when she first hugged me, the time when she consoled when I cried on the day of our departure, the stories we shared, the jokes we laughed at, the Tamil movie I saw with her, the Chennai streets, the letters, the emails… each and every hour, every minute and every second I spent with her will remain in my memory forever.

Her innocent face on the day I saw her carrying a heavy book and requesting me reduce the volume, her smile which always accompanied her, her anger when I teased her saying that she was not beautiful, her beautiful eyes which always carry some magic with them and her friendship which made this tour the most precious and unforgettable will remain in my heart forever.

I still feel her presence whenever I hear about Simla, whenever anyone talks about Taj Mahal, whenever I see the key chain she gifted me, whenever I hear of any Love Story. Whenever I am in sorrow I feel her wiping my tears and consoling me, whenever I achieve something I see her congratulating me, whenever I get depressed I see her encouraging me and whenever I am happy I see her sharing my happiness..

Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive. She came into my life and opened the doors of a new world. They say it takes a minute to find a special person, an hour to appreciate them, a day to love them, but then an entire life to forget them… It is completely true in my life.

She may be out of Coma while I am writing this, may be tomorrow, and may be after a week, or a month or it may take more than a year… But until then I am here waiting for her…. Ganesh Raam R