Unforgettable Tour – On the Way to Simla

On the Way to Simla

Early to Bed and Early to Rise – I am not that kind of person. I like late nights and late mornings.

The next day I woke up at 10’O Clock. That day was the first match for India in the World Cup 1999. South Africa won the match chasing the Indian total of some 250+. I was really disappointed. India lost its first match in the WC 1999.

In the evening we packed our luggage and moved on to begin our tour. The first halt would be Simla. The bus starts at 5:30 from Delhi and reaches Simla by 7:00 the next day morning. I got a window seat. I always liked traveling. I thought of having a window seat while traveling would be nice especially when you are on a sight seeing tour. I settled down in my seat with my walkman and a few Audio cassettes.

“Hi…” I heard a voice calling me. I took off the headphones. It was she whom I met yesterday night. She was sitting beside me.
“Hi…” She said again.
“Hi…” I said. I wondered what she was doing here.
“I am Kavya…” She Said.
Kavya – I never heard that name before. I just thought what the meaning of that name would be.
“Hello…” She waved her hand towards me.
“Yeah… I am Ganesh” I said. Then I saw that she was carrying a book. Now I became very curious about the book.
“Sorry…” She said.
“For What”
“Yesterday I knocked your door and asked you to reduce the volume. I am sorry for that” She said looking at me.
“Hmmm… It’s OK” I said. “By the way what were you studying at that time over there…? Preparing for any exams”
“No” She answered. “I was just trying to read this novel”
She showed me the fat book which she was carrying in her hand.

“A Novel…” I thought. “And she asked me to reduce the volume for concentrating herself on a stupid novel.”

I took the book from her hands. It was one of those classic novels. I don’t like the word ‘Classic’ when it comes to novels. “Now…” I thought “one needs lot of concentration and patience to read these so called classic novels”

Coming to novels and books my taste is completely different. I like fiction, Suspense thriller novels. I feel that one needs a lot of patience for reading those classic novels. And I don’t want to waste all my patience on such novels. There are more things in this world to apply your patience at.

I returned back her book and she went into her own so called classical world. Now the bus has reached the outskirts of Delhi. Now the guide of our tour stood up and explained the details of our tour. After that they started showing some movie. I wondered what she would do now, go and ask the guy out there to stop the movie.

“Now… Go and ask the guy to reduce the volume or switch off the TV… Will you???” I said winking at her.
She laughed and closed the book as she could not read the book now. Now even the lights are put off.
“So what do you do??” She asked.
“I am doing my engineering first years in computers” I said taking pride in my voice.
“That’s not bad. I am doing B.Com… By the way what were you watching yesterday night with that much volume on your TV?”
“Yeah… Nothing Big… Just watching the match between England and Sri Lanka”
“Oh… Do you watch Cricket??”
“Yup… I Love Cricket and don’t you watch Cricket”
“I just see matches in which India plays. I like Azhar, the captain of India”
“I like Sachin Tendulkar. You know I am always proud to be a great fan of him”
“What’s so special about him? I think it’s the media which is making more hype of him…”
“Just shut up” I said.

I become mad whenever anyone questions the capability of Sachin.

“Oh Sorry…” I said realizing the rudeness in my voice. Now I have decided to tell her the greatness of Sachin. I wanted to prove her wrong. And I started telling her about Sachin Tendulkar, his greatness, his commitment, his attitude, his character, his influence on Indian team, how he inspires others and so on. I was telling about Sachin Tendulkar to her all night until she fell asleep. Maybe I went too far…

The bus was moving towards Simla. I was still thinking of Sachin. I planned to talk more about him and prove to her that Sachin deserves all the Laurels and appreciations coming on his way. “This world cup is going to prove what Sachin is…” I thought. I don’t know when I went to sleep.

But when I opened my eyes, we were in Simla…