Unforgettable Tour – The First Meeting

The First Meeting

Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans. New Delhi, the capital city of the Biggest Democratic Country in the world, the city where major and crucial decisions about the country are taken invited me. This is the city where the tour I never forget has started. I never thought that I will be going to Delhi in the near future. But Life has different plans for me…

The flight landed in the Indira Gandhi International Airport. We headed straight to the hotel. The room was already booked by the travel agent as a part of their travel package. Its 10:00 AM in the Morning. The bus for Simla starts at 5:00 the next day evening.

We booked a cab and went on to have a sight seeing in Delhi. We watched the Parliament where the leaders elected by the people always fought among themselves for various reasons except for the people. We saw the Rashtrapathi Bhavan and the India gate where huge parade depicting India’s glory happens every year on 26th of Jan. We paid our homage to the great people who sacrificed themselves for our country. The Red fort stood there firmly representing the Independence of a Great nation. Then we visited Raj ghats – the Samadhi of Mahatma, the lotus temple, Qutub Minar and many more… Boy Delhi has got many places to visit.

Its 9:30 PM when we returned back to our room. We headed to the restaurant in the ground floor for dinner. The restaurant was crowded. All the tourists who booked their package were given boarding in the same hotel. There was no place to sit. Mom and dad said that they would come back after some time and went back to the room. I was feeling hungry and so I took a place in the corner where there are only two seats and one was already occupied by someone. They have placed a hand bag there over the chair to indicate that it was occupied.

The waiter came and took the order. A girl came over to the table. She took the bag from the chair, took her seat and called the waiter. She was reading a book. She called the waiter and ordered something without even taking her face off the book. She was completely immersed in reading it. I wondered what might be the book she was reading.

“That might be a very suspense thriller novel” I thought “Or she might be preparing for some exam the next day early in the morning”

I went back to the room after having my dinner. The highlights of England vs. Sri lanka are coming on TV. That’s the first match of the world cup. It’s really hot inside the room. The summer heat was showing its effect. I opened the door for some air to let in. Sri Lanka batted first and then England was chasing the total in reply to it. England was in a good position.

Suddenly I heard someone calling me. It was the same girl whom I saw in the restaurant. She was standing at the door of my hotel room. She was carrying the same book.

“Hi” She said waving her hand at me. “Can you reduce the volume?” She asked.
“What? Come again” I asked.
“You see… I am trying to study out here in the corridor” She said “and the sound is disturbing my concentration. If you don’t mind can you please reduce the volume or close the door”

I heard a huge noise. The crowd was cheering England. Someone must have hit a six. I need to wind up this soon. Otherwise I will be missing all the action arguing with someone who is trying to study some book at this time of hour in a hotel corridor.

I don’t have any options. I don’t want to argue with her right now. I said “OK” and quickly closed the door. England won the match with 8 wickets. After that I went to sleep thinking of how India would take on South Africa in their first encounter in the World cup.

That was our first meeting.