Unforgettable Tour – The Beginning

The Beginning

An Unforgettable tour – This is the tour which haunted me for the years since it started. It makes me nostalgic, it makes me laugh, it makes me cry and it has taught me the lesson of life. This is the tour which I can never forget in my life time and this is the one which has given me the most unforgettable gift of my life… the most unforgettable gift.

I was so excited when my dad told us that he is planning for a tour to North India. I never thought at that moment that it would be the tour I would never forget in my life time. Never!

It was 1999; I was studying B.Tech First Year at that time. How can I forget those good old college days? Sleeping in the classes, Mass Bunks, group discussions in the canteen, the endless arguments about Sachin Tendulkar, watching late night movies with friends… the list goes on. Oh God!!! Please give me back my college days.

It’s April. The summer has started. The temperature might be around 43 Degrees. On that day we were having a hot discussion on the composition of the Indian Cricket team for the coming World Cup in the canteen. Canteen always used to be our place for discussion. The thing I like about the discussions in canteen is that if you start a discussion people come and join you automatically whatever may be the topic. And boy it’s the hottest topic of that time – India and the World Cup. That’s the last day of our college before summer vacations.

After I reached home Dad said we will be leaving for Delhi the next week. Dad booked a tourist package from Delhi which covers Simla, Kulu Manali, Chandigarh and Agra. I felt very happy. My summer vacation is going to be great this time. After a week I called up my friends and said that we are leaving for Delhi the next day and I promised them that I will get some presents for them.

We started the next day to Delhi. I still remember that day. I am great lover of Cricket and I am proud to say that I am a great fan of Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar. The tour started on the day on which the Cricket World Cup 1999 started. It means that I am going to miss some action of the world cup. I am going to miss the master Sachin in action.

But Life has some other plans for me. I never thought at that moment that I am going to meet someone in Delhi… Someone whom I could never forget in my life… Someone who made this tour a precious and unforgettable one… Someone so special… Someone…